Tips for Interior Office Painting During the Winter from the Best Business Painter in Dallas!

For most areas of the country, fitting in time to paint the interior or exterior of your office can be difficult because of snow and sleet. Luckily in Dallas, that isn’t much of an issue. Painting year-round is not a problem for CertaPro Painters, the top business painter in Dallas.

In the wintertime, typically painters don’t provide their services when temperatures drop below 40 degrees fahrenheit, but with winter in Texas being short-lived, it isn’t a problem. There are a few minor issues for cold-weather painting that do need to be addressed, but they come with a couple of easy fixes:

  • In cold weather, it’s likely that condensation will form on the windows. This can cause an issue when you’re painting the interior of a building. However, if there’s sufficient ventilation during the painting process, it will go over smoothly.
  • Colder weather means a longer time to dry and cure. This is only a hassle because you might have to wait a longer time in between coats of paint. However, if you are okay with waiting a little while longer for a beautifully-painted interior of your building, everything will be fine. CertaPro, a top business painter in Dallas, will use thinner coats, to make the drying process go as quickly as possible.

A professional business painter in Dallas will pay a lot of attention to the interior humidity of the office building. Keeping that contained will help ensure a smooth coating and drying process for any job.

Winter is a great time to paint the interior or exterior of your office space. CertaPro Painters have a solid reputation among businesses in the greater Dallas area. Their warranty guarantees the work for up to two years.

Choose the top business painter in Dallas, CertaPro Painters. Call them today for a free estimate at 214-380-4717.

Why CertaPro’s Dallas Commercial Painting Contractors are the Best in the Business!

The high number of Dallas commercial painting contractors make choosing one a rather difficult task. By the end of all the research you may be doing, you should always end up with the best in the business, which will always be CertaPro Painters. Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it.

What should you look for in Dallas commercial painting contractors? If it’s punctuality, great communication, top-notch service, and a job done quickly and efficiently, CertaPro is all of that and more. With many years in the business and trained professionals, they make sure your job is done with the highest quality possible.

Customers who have used CertaPro services are very happy with their new spaces! Here are a couple of reviews of the Dallas commercial painting contractors at CertaPro are receiving:

“Punctuality & efficiency keep us coming back to certapro with all our paint needs. “ –Lacy & Brandon S., Dallas, TX

“They were very good at that they did. Very clean. Left mats around the house while they were painting. The end result was very good. Very good with communication. Showed me all the results and made sure I was happy with the end result. They do great work and are very customer centric. ” Leon J., Dallas, TX

“The color matching, the willingness to fit me into the schedule, the attitude of “Whatever you need, we will help you.”, and Trevor and his follow-up, professionalism and courtesy with his people and his customers. “ Debbie & Jeff G., Dallas, TX

CertaPro Painters are Dallas commercial painting contractors with experience in a wide variety of commercial buildings in the Central and North Dallas areas. They can get any type of commercial painting job done, whether it’s an apartment complex or a business building, the interior or the exterior. There are no limits to what CertaPro can do!

Visit to schedule your free consultation with the Dallas commercial painting contractors, and get started revamping your commercial building today!

Searching for the Best Commercial Paint Contractor Dallas has to Offer?

Look no further. CertaPro is the Commercial Paint Contractor Dallas recommends.

Living in Dallas, everything you might be looking for comes with a lot of choices. Restaurants, malls, and even painters are plentiful, to the point where choices about the smallest things are difficult to make. Fortunately, when finding the best commercial paint contractor Dallas has, CertaPro painters should be your first and last stop. With many years in the business, their contractors do high-quality work on your time schedule.

One of the best qualities of CertaPro Painters is the attention to detail brought to each individual project. During a commercial painting project, there will always be a project manager on-site to ensure that everything is going smoothly. The project manager will be in contact with you from start to finish, so you’re never out of the loop on the progress of the painting. During the course of the project, there will always be a specified plan that they will refer to, to double-check that every step of the process is being done correctly, to the specifications of the client. Once each project is completed, everything will be double and triple-checked by the project manager, and they will take you step-by-step, ensuring that you are satisfied with the work that has been done. After your commercial painting is done, you will be backed up with a two-year warranty, so if you experience any issues later down the road, CertaPro will come back to fix it free of charge!

Looking to save some money as well? CertaPro not only specializes in being the best commercial paint contractor Dallas has, but they also offer competitive prices. Their excellent connections across the nation allow them to bring you high quality products for a valuable price. In the pricing quote, you will also get an in-detail report of everything that will be included in the project, so there are no extra surprises at the end of the day.

Interested in other services from CertaPro Painters? In addition to being one of the top commercial paint contractor Dallas has to offer, they also do…

The work done by CertaPro Painters is some of the highest-quality painting, both interior and exterior, for both homes and commercial buildings. To view examples of the high-quality work produced by CertaPro, visit their portfolio on

The Exterior Commercial Painting Dallas Professionals at CertaPro

During the holiday season, a lot of focus is placed on the exterior of homes; whose shows the most holiday spirit, has the most lights, and so-on. But the exterior of office buildings might fall to the wayside in the middle of all the commotion. CertaPro Painters will take care of the exterior commercial painting Dallas businesses need done, so they can focus on showing off their holiday spirit.

Year-round, home and commercial interior and exterior painting services are offered by CertaPro Painters, to make the spaces you live in just as beautiful as the life that takes place within them. A room, home, or building should be reflective of the family or business that inhabits it, and making that a reality is a specialty to the interior and exterior commercial painting Dallas professionals. No longer do business owners need to stress over the thought that the outside of their building is preventing potential customers and clients from coming in, but they will now be focused on how to manage all of the new business coming in!

Office buildings can benefit from the exterior commercial painting Dallas professionals for the following reasons and more:

  • Help create a more professional exterior atmosphere, drawing in more potential clients
  • Retain value in the building, so if reselling is in the near or distant future, money won’t be lost.
  • Matching the exterior of a building to business colors, making the building more recognizable.
  • Reducing potential repair costs for things such as cracking or weather and water damage

The exterior commercial painting Dallas professionals at CertaPro have experience that makes them the best to go to for painting in Dallas. From exterior commercial painting to interior house painting, they have years of practice and a portfolio to prove it. They maintain communication with their customers, keeping them in the loop with all the steps of the painting process, from the original consultation to the upkeep details and tips. Constant reports from the painting team keeps everyone involved well-connected, avoiding confusion. On top of quality communication is equally high-quality work efficiency. With deadlines strictly set and met, the painting experts will do everything they can to make sure everything they do is within the the original plan and estimate.

When searching for the right exterior commercial painters in Dallas, look no further than CertaPro Painters. With a history of doing their work quickly and efficiently, they have the best reputation and results in the industry. Call CertaPro today for your exterior commercial painting needs!

Fence and Deck Staining in Dallas

Living in Dallas, the natural beauty of the wood used to build your fence and deck is going to wear off from the strength of that bright Texas sun. Luckily, wood staining is available to you to fix that problem. But if you don’t know how to stain wood, what do you do? Easy: Call CertaPro Painters, who offer fence and deck staining in Dallas.

The CertaPro painters have been trained to know how to deal with not only internal home and office painting, but also wood staining. Depending on where the wood is, and it’s likelihood of being in direct sunlight, they will help you decide which type of stain to use on the wood. There are different types of stain: clear and transparent, and then semi-transparent and solid colored.

The more clear types of stains make it easy to see the natural color and texture of the wood. However, for fence and deck staining in Dallas, these lighter stains are more of a hassle when chosen. Because the sunlight in Texas is so strong throughout the majority of the year, clear and transparent stains need to be repeatedly coated, costing more.

For fence and deck staining in Dallas, a majority of the time, the best choice will be semi-transparent and solid stains, that will protect and create a more durable wood to withstand the sunlight. With a first coat to protect the wood, and a second to resist moisture and UV rays, you’ll be good to go, even through the rough Texas summers!

If your fence and deck wood aren’t protected yet, give CertaPro a call, and they will get the job done right. They are the most reliable for fence and deck staining in Dallas in addition to some of the best internal and external home painting services. Call 214-380-4717 or visit today!

Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays with CertaPro

Fall is here and in full swing. Getting your home ready for the holidays has never been easier with help from CertaPro Painters. Whether you need fresh paint in the guest bedrooms or bathrooms, new colors in the living room or an updated exterior color, CertaPro Painters of Dallas are experienced and professional. They have established and maintained a reputation for excellent customer service and top quality work.

Getting your home ready for the holidays includes prepping guest rooms, bathrooms and common rooms to accommodate friends and family. November is the best time to get fresh paint on the walls in your home. Fall and Winter is also the best time for exterior house painting. The cooler temperatures make for a better environment for the paint to dry properly and quickly.

The holiday season can be stressful, but with painting services from CertaPro you can expect to receive timely service and a commitment to excellence and trust. Your home can gain a warm, inviting atmosphere with the use of color and textures. CertaPro of Dallas not only offers painting but also wallpaper removal and texturing services. They can offer some of the best quality prices in Dallas, along with great suggestions for decor and design choices.

For all of your holiday gathering preparations and updates, CertaPro is fully equipped to help you get your home ready. With an extensive portfolio in Highland Park, University Park, Lakewood, North Dallas, White Rock Lake, Carrollton, Irving and surrounding areas, past and present customers are satisfied with the service and warranty from CertaPro Painters.

Call CertaPro today at 214-380-4717 to get a free painting estimate for all your holiday needs or visit them online at


Dallas Painters

CertaPro has the best Dallas painters in the business. In the DFW area, there are many options when it comes to choosing the right painter for the job. CertaPro Painters of Dallas have completed over 400 jobs in the last three years, gaining most of their business through word of mouth and a great reputation. With high professional standards, they are committed to honest communication and quality work.

The Dallas painters specialize in exterior and interior painting for both commercial and residential places. They have been hired by some of Dallas’ most well known businesses and residences in Lakewood, Highland Park, North Dallas and White Rock Lake Area. However, no job is too big or too small for CertaPro. Everything from wallpaper removal to texturing to color consultations, CertaPro is a great option for any home or office renovation. They use the best paint materials including Sherwin Williams newest line of eco-friendly paints.

CertaPro Painters also offers small interior and exterior repairs and improvements including texturing, drywall, stains and power washing. The Dallas painters have lived in the area for over 20 years and want to remain well connected to Dallas residents and businesses. Their reputation is important to them and so is their quality of work. With competitive prices and a two-year warranty on all work, they do everything they can to keep their past and future customers happy in their homes and offices.

If you are interested in the latest painting and renovation trends, CertaPro of Dallas can help you with any project. Color trends are always changing and with each new season comes new colors, techniques and textures. CertaPro works directly with painting suppliers to stay ahead of the trends, technologies and colors.

Dallas painters at CertaPro are reliable, honest and trustworthy. It is important to choose painters who have a solid reputation in the greater Dallas area so you can depend on their work. To learn more about CertaPro of Dallas visit or call 214-380-4717.

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The Most Valuable Painting Prices in Dallas

With fall underway and the holidays sneaking up, saving money here and there is a definite must. When it comes to painting your home or office this season, you want to have the highest quality for the best price, which is why CertaPro painters will be your best choice for reasonable painting prices in Dallas.

CertaPro painters can fulfill any of your painting needs. The services offered vary greatly, from residential and commercial interiors to exterior house painting. Not only will they get any job done for you, but they’ll offer you the best value painting prices in Dallas to make your choice for painters even easier. With over ten years of experience with beautifying the city of Dallas, they’ve perfected the art of making the most boring of homes and workplaces into vibrant, fun environments!

In the city of Dallas, there are many painting companies just a phone call away. They all claim to be the best company for the job, but with extensive knowledge of both the art of painting and knowledge of the city of Dallas, CertaPro is the best. They are experts at transforming your home or workplace into a piece of art that you can be proud to claim as your own. You’ll receive the best value and quality painting prices in Dallas.

Whether you want a neutral color on the outside of your home, or vibrant colors in the interior of your office, CertaPro is the clear and obvious choice to do the job. CertaPro Painters have the gurantee of their well-known brand paired with small business customer service.

Don’t let the most valuable painting prices in Dallas slip through your fingertips. Let CertaPro Painters make your dream home or office a reality. Visit them at or call 214-380-4717 today!

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Choosing the Best Residential Painting Company for the Job

When choosing a residential painting company, you search for companies with good quality and low prices, with reviews that reflect both of those requirements. CertaPro Painters answer all your painting needs with painters you can trust and prices you can afford. They can transform any room in your home with colors, textures and trim with a guarantee of professional service.

You want a company who knows what they’re doing and where they’re working, and CertaPro offers you just that. This residential painting company has extensive knowledge and familiarity of the cities they work in, and have years of experience. They provide great customer service and knowledgable advice and suggestions.

CertaPro isn’t your average residential painting company. They give you more than a quote, painting, and a bill. When you get your services done with CertaPro Painters, you are getting a fully insured company, so you’re not liable for anything happening on the job. You also get written contracts and proposals, so there are no surprises on the job when all is said and done. Finally, you get a two-year warranty with your new space. If you find any issues within two years of the painting, they’ll come back and fix it for you!

Home is where the heart is. So make your heart beautiful, inside and out. CertaPro is the best residential painting company to fulfill those needs. With reasonable prices and a wide knowledge of trends in the city of Dallas, they will get your job done. Transfrom your living spaces into the most beautiful reflection of you with the help of CertaPro Painters. Call 214-380-4717 or visit today!

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Commercial Painting in Dallas

Fall is the best time for commercial painting in Dallas. The cooler temperatures prevent bubbling and cracking in the paint. Having your business be aesthetically appealing is very important to create a welcoming environment for customers and guests. A new paint color is an easy and fast way to change the look of interiors and exteriors.

Business decor doesn’t have to be formal or neutral. Walls and exteriors can be painted to match the branding colors and add to the overall business environment. With a CertaPro two-year warranty, the work is guaranteed for up to two years after the completion of the job.

Commercial painting projects in Dallas are in high demand in fall with the introduction of a new season and a desire to update the indoor and outdoor appearances of an office space. CertaPro Painters work quickly and efficiently, staying on deadline and on budget. As business people themselves, they value your business and they know the importance of dependable customer service and strive to provide you with the best painting service in all of Dallas.

CertaPro Painters have a 5-step process for all desired interior painting surfaces:

  1. Set Up: Items are placed in the center of the room and covered with clean, new plastic sheeting. All floors are covered and protected.
  2. Prep: Based on your requests, holes and cracks in ceilings and walls are filled; stains are sealed, and surfaces are scuff sanded.
  3. Paint: Repaired areas are primed, and premium quality paint is applied to a uniform finish.
  4. Clean: Furniture and accessories are moved back to their desired locations. Floors and carpets are vacuumed and swept. All of our materials are removed.
  5. Inspect: After our own inspection, you are invited to inspect our work and asked to complete the feedback card for the crew.

In your workplace, it is important to have professional, expert painters complete your interior and exterior projects. CertaPro Painters are some of the most experienced professional commercial painters in the Dallas area. They have a portfolio of several businesses who are highly satisfied with their commercial work.

CertaPro has over 15 years of experience with commercial jobs and they are committed to providing you the best painting experience. For a new look for your business or office, call the best commercial painters in Dallas at 214-380-4717 or visit them online

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