Fall Painting Trends

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HGTV has a slideshow of Fall painting trends on their site. Fall is the season most associated with warm colors from brown to gold to red. CertaPro Painters of Dallas are experts in helping you change the look of your house or updating your current decor theme with the seasons most popular hues. Painting dining, living and bedrooms is a quick and easy way to make your home feel cozy and encompass the feelings of fall and winter inside.

Fall is a great time to renovate and update the look of your home because bringing in a new season can happen outside as well as inside. The kids are back to school and the house is emptier than in the summer months, making the painting process more convenient while everyone is out of the house. The cooler weather is also much more conducive for painting projects and the perfect time to implement fall painting trends.

CertaPro Painters recommend any outdoor painting projects during the cooler months of fall and winter. Exterior painting projects are common when the weather cools down and a new season is welcomed. Fall colors are great exterior options because it can warm up the whole look of your home. The warmer colors create a calm, welcoming look by emitting the atmosphere of leaves on the ground and holiday feelings.

When you choose house painters for interior projects, important considerations are professionalism, insurance and experience. CertaPro Painters have been in Dallas for several years serving customers in Highland Park, Preston Hollow, Lakewood and North Dallas. Their strive to provide the best painting services in the Dallas and their customers will agree that their service is unparalleled. They are experienced in helping their customers redesign and renovate along with Linda Fritschy, an interior designer in Dallas, for color consultation services.

Fall painting trends are underway in Dallas with the start of September. For a free estimate or to schedule a color consult call 214-380-4717 today!

Wallpaper Removal Services in Dallas

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Wallpaper removal is relatively easy if the surface was treated properly before installation and a standard adhesive was used. CertaPro Painters provide wallpaper removal services in Dallas. The process starts with the use of a wallpaper steamer. Moisture is the key to easily removing wallpaper, because water helps to break the bond of the old adhesive. A commercial wallpaper remover with liquid enzymes produces the best results. It breaks down the adhesive structure, making the removal process much easier.

CertaPro Painters in Dallas, have the highest quality of wallpaper removal products. They can determine how much product and how much moisture to use. The amount of water is important because you want to make sure the moisture breaks down the adhesive without damaging the wall surface underneath. Sometimes the water doesn’t penetrate through the paper unless you break up the outer surface of the paper. CertaPro Painters are professional, experienced and fully insured. Your CertaPro representative can easily remove your wallpaper and apply texture, primer and paint to complete the project and update the aesthetic look.

The two most popular types of texturing are “orange peel” and “knock-down”. “Orange peel” appears much like an orange peel, by splattering thinned drywall onto the wall. A “knock-down” texture is similar to the “orange peel”, after the splattering process starts to set, it is gently smoothed to flatten some of the larger splatters.

Once the texture process is complete, CertaPro Painters will apply a primer coat and then proceed with the paint color of choice. Their wall texturing services in Dallas are thorough and consistent, giving you the best painting service and experience. Their standard of excellence and customer service help provide you a great way to change the look of a room in a short time.

Eco-friendly Painters in Dallas

Now more than ever it is important to know exactly what is in the products you use in your home. Using non-toxic paint products are safer, more durable and more sustainable than traditional paints on the market. The demand for eco-friendly products has risen and the best eco-friendly painters in Dallas, from CertaPro, have the right tools and products to keep your home environment safe for you and your family.

Earlier this year, Sherwin Williams added two new lines of eco-friendly products to their collection. Most paints derive from volatile organic compounds, or VOCs which emit chemicals during the drying process that contribute to indoor air pollution. The Sherwin Williams new eco-friendly line helps emit the minimal odor and blocks the growth of mildew and mold on the paint film. It also helps prevent stains from water over time. The exterior paints are extraordinary in preventing blistering, peeling, chalking, fading, mildew and dirt build-up.


VOC can contain benzene, formaldehyde, toluene and xylene, all chemicals that can cause cancer or nervous system problems. A low VOC content is better for the environment, better for your home and longer lasting on the painting surfaces. CertaPro Painters are fully versed in the benefits of eco-friendly painting in Dallas.

CertaPro Painters are the best eco-friendly painters in Dallas. They are knowledgable on Low VOC and No VOC paints, which are great alternatives to traditional painting products. Sherwin Williams eco-friendly efforts don’t stop at the paint products. They recycle the stretch wrap used during the shipping process and they streamlined the national distribution to reduce energy consumption.

“At Sherwin-Williams, we believe that being environmentally responsible goes well beyond the product formulation. We have established our own sustainability initiative called “EcoVision.” EcoVision is a company-wide approach to look at all aspects of our business and see where we can become more environmentally responsible,” said Steve Revnew, director of product development at Sherwin-Williams.

While you are considering your options for painting needs, call CertaPro, the best eco-friendly painters in Dallas. CertaPro does extensive work with Low and No VOC paints, and in fact as Sherwin williams largest customer, they provide these low cost options for all their customers. Visit their website http://central-dallas.certapro.com/ to view their gallery or chat with them about their eco-friendly offerings.

Growing Home Market Means You Need the Best House Painters in North Dallas

CertaPro Painters are widely known to be the best house painters in North Dallas. With a national reputation that lays its foundation on quality and service, it’s no wonder that CertaPro Painters are the most trustworthy and sought after in the painting business. Your home is a valuable asset, especially in a city like Dallas, TX. You wouldn’t let an inexperienced or un-certified mechanic work on your car, would you? Then let CertaPro take care of your house painting needs. After all, they are experts and the best house painters in North Dallas.

Dallas is bustling right now. Downtown skyscrapers are continuing to pop up everywhere and the arts district is completing a park that is being built over the highway to connect downtown with uptown. Home sales all over Dallas are on the rise and more and more jobs are being created each day. Suburbs in North Dallas are expanding rapidly, which means new homes are always being built. If you are in the market for a new home, or have found one of the many great deals on existing homes, why not have CertaPro Painters come out and give you a free estimate on painting or re-painting your North Dallas home?

Besides expertise, CertaPro Painters offer much more to every client. They offer a trademarked Certainty Service System. What exactly is this? Let me tell you. They have a professionally staffed call center that is dedicated to answering every question you could possibly have about a project and schedule the paint job. They have trained estimators who write custom and detailed proposals for exactly what you are looking for. They have a Job Site Supervisor assigned to your paint job from start to finish and ensure a smooth working project. Last but certainly not least, CertaPro calls back AFTER the paint dries to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with the result of your project. No other house painters in North Dallas can give you the satisfaction like CertaPro can.

If you have any questions or would like an estimate for your paint job from the best house painters in North Dallas, call 214-380-4717 today!

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Dallas Commercial Painters Who Really Know Dallas

Dallas, Texas can be an intimidating place to live and work. The metroplex is sprawling and commercial buildings and apartments seemingly pop up daily. Fortunately, there is a painting company that makes all these buildings beautiful who are nationally and locally known to be the best Dallas commercial painters. CertaPro Painters is their name, painting is their game and Dallas is their canvas.
When you live in city like Dallas, you come to expect the best from every business you encounter. The city is a business hub and it’s proven with the large number of corporations that make their home in Dallas. Organizations like JCPenney, American Airlines and Frito-Lay have all settled down in Dallas and commercial real estate is very much a booming business. When office buildings, new developments and residential managed properties such as apartments decide to start building or need an upgrade, they call the best and most trusted Dallas commercial painters, CertaPro Painters.
CertaPro’s commercial painting is of the highest quality and organization. They use an industry unique Five Star Painting Service which encompasses five points of service which make them the most proven Dallas commercial painters. The five points are quality control, supervision and inspection, competitive pricing, certainty and communication. They only use experienced trained staff, provide ongoing inspections and have an incredible two-year written guarantee. It doesn’t get much better than that for Dallas commercial painters.
Actually, it does. The owners were born and raised in Dallas, so they really know the city and have seen it’s commercial real estate boom with their own eyes. That is definitely an advantage in this extremely competitive city.
Whether you are building a shopping center or just need a single apartment painted in your complex, look no further than CertaPro Painters, the best Dallas commercial painters you’ll find in this ever-growing business city. For more information or a free estimate on your commercial property, visit www.central-dallas.certapro.com or call 214.380.4717 today!

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Dallas Painter Professionals at CertaPro Will Beautify Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary – where you retire after a long day of work or play. Situated in the City of Dallas, you want your home to reflect the same beauty you find outside. Nothing gives your home the feeling of comfort and appeal you crave, quite like a fresh paint job. Livening up the color of a room, or applying touch ups, are quick and easy ways you can improve your home. Dallas painter professionals at CertaPro can assist you in the process of freshening up the walls of your home, both inside and out.

With owners who were born and raised in Dallas, CertaPro looks forward to contributing their expertise to the community. Through quality work, fair prices, and painters you can trust, CertaPro is the choice Dallas residential painter company.

Services from CertaPro Dallas Painters

Applying paint to your home can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Choosing the right color to tie elements together is a huge decision and one, which will affect the energy of your home. CertaPro provides color consultation with Linda Fritschy Interior Design for a small cost. Utilizing this service may take off pressure, and allow you to trust the professionals and enjoy the results!

As Dallas paint experts, CertaPro know the amount time and effort it takes to make your home a comfortable space. They recognize the importance of your possessions remaining clean and in tact. CertaPro has instilled a 5-Step Process for both interior and exterior painting which ensures cleanliness and overall satisfaction. The steps are:


  1. Set Up – involves moving furniture and other items, as well as covering the floor with drop cloths
  2. Prepare – repairing holes and cracks
  3. Paint – painting and priming
  4. Clean – returning furniture to original location, vacuuming, sweeping, etc.Inspect- customer inspects work and fills out a feedback form


Benefits of Using CertaPro Dallas Painters

So, what can CertaPro Dallas painters offer which other Dallas painting companies cannot? Trust, quality, fair prices and a five-star service.

CertaPro painting uses a unique industry standard, which outlines components necessary to Five Star Painting Services. The five points are:


  1. Quality Control
  2. Supervision and Inspection
  3. Competitive Pricing
  4. Certainty
  5. Communication


CertaPro uses products from top-line manufacturers, and when combined with the expertise of their trained and experienced staff, the result is a beautifully painted home. CertaPro also performs ongoing and final inspections to their work, to ensure perfection. If this isn’t enough, a two year written guarantee means long-term satisfaction and savings.

If your home could use a fresh look or touchup, call CertaPro the Dallas painter professionals . For more information or a free estimate on your residential property, visitwww.central-dallas.certapro.com or call 214.380.4717 today!

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Why choose CertaPro Painters?

In a city as big as Dallas, there are many options for painters. Finding the right Dallas residential and commercial painters can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. CertaPro has been in business in the Dallas area since 2001, completing hundreds of residential and commercial jobs. Customers collectively are impressed with the professionalism, warranty, and level of work done by Central and North Dallas CertaPro Painters.

DFW area painters are large in numbers, which makes the prescreening process difficult when choosing a painter for the desired job. Five Star PaintingPhillips Painting and other Dallas painters do not offer the same quality of service that CertaPro provides.

Photo Courtesy of Central-Dallas CertaPro

CertaPro offers the following:

1. Insurance – CertaPro Painters are fully insured. If anything happens on a job, the customer is not held responsible.
2. Written Contracts and Proposals – Everything is in writing before a job is contracted: No questions, no surprises.
3. Two year warranty – Customers can call for a missed spot or a problem area within 2 years of the original work.

Residential services from CertaPro are well above standards starting with a full preparation and cleaning process. All surfaces receive a full prep treatment to ensure the best painting service.

Preston Hollow and University Park residents have consistently chosen CertaPro to be their painter for residential jobs. Additionally, CertaPro has partnered with Linda Fritschy, a well-known interior designer in the Dallas area. Linda offers professional color consultations to CertaPro customers at a small charge, if you need or want a professional opinion for your color needs.

Renovation projects have seen a rise in the last couple of years and CertaPro is a great resource when you want to change or improve the decor of your home. They are trained in small and large repairs of drywall, wallpaper removal and texturing services. Their reputation is very important to them because they value what their customers are saying about their services. Customer referrals make up a large portion of their business and that speaks volumes to the quality of their work. Their past and current customers speak highly of the professional painting services from CertaPro Painters.

Dallas area CertaPro Painters
 live and work in the Dallas community, which makes it very important for them to show up on time, maintain good communication with past and present clients and deliver what is in the written proposals and contracts. They want their customers happy and satisfied with every job, whether big or small. They continually exceed the expectations, which is why they are the best house painters and commercial painters in North Dallas.

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