Top Dallas Interior Designer, Mary Anne Smiley

Looking for the best of everything that Dallas has to offer? It can be hard with all the different business listing websites to find the most credible doctors, restaurants, and even interior designers. Fortunately, is the place where everything in Dallas compiled into a helpful list of services offered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The website is only missing one thing: Mary Anne Smiley. Named one of the top interior designers in Dallas, Smiley is accredited as one of the best, but she is missing one final title, which is a “Top Dallas Interior Designer” title.

TopTenDallas is an exclusive list, featuring all of the Top Ten Dallas in a multitude of categories, which include:

  • Doctors
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The Top Ten Dallas website claims it “is the #1 website for all things Top 10 in Dallas. Published by TopTen Media Inc., a Digital Marketing, PR, and Adverting agency located in Dallas,  we showcase the very best of Dallas to the most affluent buyers in the greater DFW area.  From Realtors to Furniture Stores, and Doctors to Restaurants, is the destination for the very best Dallas has to offer.

If these exclusive listings are reserved for the best, then it should be no question that Mary Anne Smiley deserves a spot on the top ten interior designers list. However, Ms. Smiley cannot do this for herself… it’s up to you. Top Ten Dallas lists are formed primarily from peer nomination. You can nominate top Dallas interior designer Mary Anne Smiley to the list on the Top Ten Dallas website.

Recognized as a top Dallas interior designer by D Magazine, and listed as an ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) member, there is no question that Mary Anne Smiley is one of the best in the business. She has both architectural and design backgrounds that push her past her competition when it comes down to the high quality of her techniques in designing and planning spaces. An eye for detail and years of experience in the Dallas area make Ms. Smiley an obvious nomination for the Top Ten Dallas nomination.

You can nominate Mary Anne Smiley as a top Dallas interior designer by visiting By visiting Mary Anne Smiley’s website, you can find all of the contact information that you’ll need to nominate her. You can also nominate as some of your other favorite Dallas-area services that you feel deserve that Top Ten Nomination!

Tips for Creating a Space like a Top Contemporary Interior Designer in Dallas

When you’re looking through those interior design magazines or browsing the Home and Garden Television station, there are all of these ideas that you want to try out in your own home, but you don’t know where to begin. You decide you want to create a modern room that resembles that of a contemporary interior designer in Dallas, such as ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) designer Mary Anne Smiley.

Every contemporary room is a little bit different, with an array of colors and shapes, but some common elements and rules that most of them use; the first being “less is more.” A contemporary interior designer in Dallas will use the most of their space, but use a minimal amount of furniture to take it up. Using bold pieces to draw attention to a certain area of the room will make the best use of the space, without it becoming too busy.

Another thing to keep in mind when designing like a contemporary interior designer in Dallas is to pick pieces that have clean lines. Furniture and other statements that draw enough attention to the room, but not the object itself, are the key to a contemporary room. Leaving out fringe material and overwhelming floral designs will create more of a balanced and calm contemporary feel in the room.

Two of the most appealing features of a contemporary room are the high ceilings and bare widows. These elements of a room are the building blocks used by contemporary interior designer in Dallas, Mary Anne Smiley. She opens up the room and draws attention to those bold, but simple accents. If your room doesn’t seem large or tall enough, use a few cheats to open up and make better use of the space:

  • Cutting down clutter: by getting rid of unused pieces of furniture, it will open up floor and wall space. If you use multi-purpose furniture, such as a bookshelf headboard, then you’re opening up space in the room.
  • Use lighter colors: using whites or light blues creates an optical illusion of a larger room. Kind of like wearing black clothes to look slimmer, using lighter colors for walls and furniture makes a room look larger.
  • Combine the power of lighting and mirrors: natural light makes a room look larger, and mirrors will multiply that light when strategically placed.
  • The right placement of window curtains: even if you don’t have floor-to-ceiling windows, use curtains that are. By hanging them high and far apart, it creates an illusion that your space is taller.

The right kinds of materials are key to creating a contemporary room. For accents in the room, metal, chrome, or glass pieces are important. They are soft and light, and don’t stand out too much in the room. For floors, vinyl, tile, or bare wood are top choices, especially when paired with a bold rug to provide some warmth in the room.

Once most of the previous elements are combined, you will be on the right track to creating a space that a top contemporary interior designer in Dallas would be proud of. For inspiration, visit Mary Anne Smiley’s gallery, to see some of the best contemporary interior design Dallas has to offer.

The Steps to Finding the Right Interior Designer in Dallas

When you’re trying to find an interior designer in Dallas, a lot of things are to be considered, from making sure the designer is available, with enough time to complete the project for you, to the style in which they typically create their work.

Step one is to sit down yourself, and decide which room you want to be completed. Why? Because an interior designer in Dallas that specializes in nurseries should not be at the top of your list if you’re redecorating your kitchen. Lucky for you, there is an interior designer in Dallas, Miss Mary Anne Smiley, that is a pro at all of the following rooms of the house, leaving nearly no room untouched:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Closets
  • Dining Areas
  • Home Offices
  • Kitchens
  • Living Rooms
  • Children’s Rooms

Step two to finding the best interior designer in Dallas for you, is to make yourself an ideal timeline. When you start to contact designers, some of them could have a waiting line that is backed up many months, and if you want to get the ball rolling, that simply will not do. As a client, it is important to be a tad bit flexible, but you also need to be firm if you have a schedule that needs to be tended to.

The third step to finding your interior designer in Dallas is to find one whose style emulates the vision you have for your home. If you want a style that has an open feel, with relaxing backgrounds, and a foreground with splashes of color, Mary Anne Smiley is the best in that genre. She can transform your vision into an even better reality, with her years of architectural and interior design experience. Most every interior designer has a portfolio on their website, with examples of rooms they have designed, giving you a better grasp of what you might be signing on for.

Now that you have these three steps in your mind, create a list of who could be your potential interior designer in Dallas, one who you think will suit your style. The top of your list should be the one with plenty of experience in the room that you’re looking to remodel, can do it within your timeline ideally, and that has a style that you feel would best mesh into your home’s atmosphere. At the top of the list, we at Interesting Companies believe, is Mary Anne Smiley. Her interior design portfolio speaks for itself, being one of the most elegant and modern in the Dallas Fort-Worth area. Contact Mary Anne Smiley today to get started on your dream room!

Luxury Contemporary Interior Designer in Dallas, TX

For some people luxury and contemporary don’t belong in the same sentence. But for Mary Anne Smiley, a luxury contemporary interior designer in Dallas, TX, those two words are what she does best for her clients. Named one of the best designers in Dallas, Mary Anne has separated herself from her peers in a good way. She is most often referenced as a designer who mixes furnishings and fabrics to look like they belonged together. From orange cowhide to green striped wall paper, Mary Anne’s projects are exciting from the beginning drawings to the last final touches.

Not only does Mary Anne use her architectural background to establish a great structure, she also uses her more creative side to make custom furnishings when she can’t quite find what she’s looking for. Clients and peers alike are so impressed she has some interest to create a full line of furniture (this hasn’t happened yet, but stay tuned). Mary Anne is a designer through and through taking account all the client’s style likes and dislikes as well as their lifestyle within their space.

With frequent “aha!” moments during the gathering and brainstorming steps, Mary Anne leaves most of her clients saying “wow”. Acrylic furnishings and art pieces by Dale Chihuly are just a sampling of what her designs can include. She often incorporates bright colors, unique art or repurposed old furnishings. To see pictures of Mary Anne’s past projects you view the luxury contemporary interior designer’s portfolio here.

High End Contemporary Interior Designer in Dallas, TX

Contemporary design can be interpreted in several ways. Mary Anne Smiley, a high-end contemporary interior designer in Dallas, TX, caters to a sophisticated clientele that knows what they want. Airy spaces, unique artwork and custom furnishings incorporated into a space can add contemporary flair to a luxurious atmosphere. Her ability to combine color, fabrics and ceramics is unparalleled in the Dallas area. Local showrooms and design publications recognize Mary Anne time and again for her versatile designs and her high-end appeal.

Most recently she spent several weeks in Colorado designing a vacation home getting it ready for the ski season. Vacation homes are just a portion of her business as she is often picked to design luxurious homes in Dallas, TX. As an interior designer in Dallas, Mary Anne has access to some of the best showrooms and resources.

Her style at home may not be as luxurious as some of her more formal projects, but that’s because she has to keep it dog friendly for her two dogs. “Lots of white duck slipcovers that can be washed,” she told us earlier this summer. Her biggest goal for her clients is to “love living in their homes in comfort and to feel the joy and serenity of being surrounded by beauty both by design and by nature.” No matter what design they ask for, or what personal pieces they want incorporated, Mary Anne finds a way to make it work and let her clients fall in love with their spaces.

For high-end contemporary design, not only does it take Mary Anne’s design talent it also takes attention to the small details. Artwork and accessories come last in Mary Anne’s design process, after the planning of the space happens layer by layer. Visit her website to view her past and present projects.

Luxury Stadium Suite Interiors in Dallas

The new Dallas Cowboys Stadium has turned a lot of heads and received a lot of nationwide attention since its debut in 1999. From the massive, 160-ft long JumboTron to the marble-clad lobbies, Dallas-based architect, Bryan Trubey had the tough task of executing the architectural features and overall design. Dallas interior designer, Mary Anne Smiley, has designed luxury stadium suite interiors in Dallas for clients that want their suites personalized.

Coral cowhide, funky rugs, sculptures, artwork and more can turn a suite into something special and unique. Mary Anne is known for her unique uses of fabrics and furnishings with unlikely products and fabrics. Her acrylic bases add contemporary flair, structure and function. As a designer she is known for her “wow factor” in every project and she wants her clients to love their spaces.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium hosts 300 luxury suites spread out on 5 different levels. The common areas include fine furnishings like granite countertops from Italy, mosaic walls of tiny silver pieces, a team color. Marble walls greet fans and spectators in the welcome lobbies. The luxury stadium suite interiors in Dallas Cowboys Stadium are occupied by some of Dallas’ most elite and

“From the luxury suite, the suite owners have a memorable outlook on an architecturally-significant and technologically advanced sports venue. The stadium personifies leadership, excellence and the Dallas Cowboys position as one of the top sports franchises in the world,” Smiley told Design Guide last year.

Mary Anne’s work in Cowboys Stadium has extended to those clients’ residences and vacation homes. her contemporary high-end design can make any space tell a story and make the owners feel right at home. To learn more about luxury stadium suite interiors in Dallas, and to read the full article visit

ASID Designers in Dallas

She is known to have a “wow factor” in every project. Whether that be acrylic bases on lamps, orange cowhide in a stadium luxury suite, or her architectural design approach, Mary Anne Smiley wants her clients to love where they live! Mary Anne is one of the top ASID designers in Dallas. On her website earlier this month, she referenced Michael Berens, director of research for the American Society of Interior Designer (ASID), and his point of view on how designers need to establish themselves. Gone are the days of just “decorating”, Berens said designers need to go “much deeper.”

Mary Anne Smiley does just that. She uses her architectural background to build a strong design and structure foundation for every project and then lets the details come in at the very end. Her ASID designers in Dallas membership is a signal of her design skills, her innovation abilities and her daring approach to use unlikely materials for her furnishings and designs.

The article on her site ended with this: “No longer are the days of only picking coordinating colors and creating functional spaces, rather designers have to dig deeper and differentiate themselves and their services. Not only does interior design require an eye for visual aesthetics, but it also demands functionality, personality and organization of the project.”

The Best Designers in Dallas: Mary Anne Smiley Interiors Makes the List

Born in Seminole, Oklahoma, Mary Anne Smiley has since been in Colorado, California and everywhere in between. Her interior design business was firmly planted in Athens, Texas for 18 years, designing ranches and getaway homes, until recently when she moved herself and Mary Anne Smiley Interiors to Dallas, Texas. She has quickly become recognized as one of the best designers in Dallas by peers and experts in the industry.

Her favorite projects are the ones her clients adore, and high quality of her design makes her projects unique and fitting for any home. D MagazineSouthern Accents and Beautiful Homes of Texas are just some of the publications that have applauded her use of fabrics, color and technique.

We caught up with Mary Anne earlier this week to ask her more about her design inspirations…

Interesting Companies: When did you get into interior designing? How? Someone or something?  

Mary Anne Smiley: My older brother became a custom home builder when I was in 3rd grade.  I was mesmerized the first time he brought home a floor plan.  So I started drawing my own for my friends immediately. I could not wait to go to OSU like my brother and become an architect.

Above: A bedroom plan that Mary Anne drew while she was in the 3rd grade.

Mary Anne Smiley Interiors now has a portfolio of bedrooms that have design and luxury magazines raving and recognizing her talent.

InterestingCompanies: Where did you go to school?

Mary Anne Smiley: I went to enroll in Architecture at OSU, but it was the mid 60s and the Dean told me “women do not enroll in architecture.” So I walked across the street and enrolled in Interior Design and Fine Art.

InterestingCompanies: What would you like to do that you haven’t already done? 

Mary Anne Smiley: Illustrate children’s books.

A Bluffview Area Living Room designed by Mary Anne.

InterestingCompanies: What do you love about Dallas?  

Mary Anne Smiley:
 That anything you can dream up is possible.  The greatest clients, greatest showrooms, and unlimited resources are in Dallas.

InterestingCompanies: Where do you like to travel?  

Mary Anne Smiley:
 I love Jackson Hole, New York City and Venice. I think I would love Alaska, too.

InterestingCompanies: What inspires your style? (designing and beyond)  

Mary Anne Smiley:
 Anything new and different.  There is an explosion of new materials out there just waiting for a new use.  Nothing inspires me more except maybe a design problem to be solved.

D Magazine recognizes Mary Anne as one of the best designers in Dallas for two years in a row. To learn more about Mary Anne and her designs, visit

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Recognized As One of the Top Designers in Dallas: Mary Anne Smiley

With more than 2,000 interior designers in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, narrowing down the top designers in Dallas list for D Magazine is quite a feat. Contemporary, traditional, minimal are just a few categories for design themes. Mary Anne Smiley is one of the top designers in Dallas for her unique use of fabrics and materials and her experience and expertise with AutoCAD design software skills. She has the ability to create her own furnishings completely tailored to what her customer wants or needs.

Not many designers in Dallas can do that. Most designers go to the showrooms and buy pieces as-is with no adaptations or uniqueness. Mary Anne Smiley is a top designer in Dallas because she takes pieces, old and new, original or duplicated, and changes them to fit in the project area. Her ability to fully involve herself in the creative process, including making and fabricating her own unique pieces, makes her services different from other top designers in Dallas.

Her original plan to become an architect was halted when the dean at Oklahoma State University told her that “women do not enroll in architecture.” Discouraged but not uninspired, Mary Anne enrolled herself in interior design. Her architecture influence has not ceased and is a daily part of her design strategy. She builds layer upon layer ensuring that a firm foundation is at the start of every project. Her approach begins with the structure of the space, enhanced by light fixtures and features, then finished with the desired luxury fabrics and materials.

The final step in Mary Anne Smiley’s design process is choosing the art and accessories for the space. In her own home, Mary Anne’s favorite art pieces are ones from her childhood. On her website, you can view her client portfolio, which includes a Highland Park guest house, a soft contemporary dining room, and a vacation home in Vail.

To learn more visit or call her at 214-522-0705.

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