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The Paleo diet (a.k.a. the caveman diet) offers numerous health benefits and allows you to stay lean, strong, and energetic. It is also known to reduce the risk of diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depression, and infertility. The diet has a number of restrictions, but fortunately Roots Juices has a whole slew of tasty paleo-friendly juices and snacks. Try some of them today:

White Mulberries

Sun Dried Bananas


Coconut Maple Vanilla Cereal

Espresso Maca Mulberry Cereal

Maca Double Chocolate Cereal

Cocao Beans

Our juices*


*Note: all juices are paleo-friendly except for “Health Nut” because it contains sea salt.

Sources: Wolf, Robb. “What is the Paleo Diet?”

The Hottest Juice Bar in Dallas

Featured ‘Interesting Company’ Roots Pressed Juices is leading the charge for fresh pressed juicing across Dallas. Since it opened in November of 2013, their juice bar on Oak Lawn Ave has helped local residents to embrace juicing and return to their roots.

Their Dallas juice bar is a relaxed store front environment, where you’re welcome to sit and enjoy your juice or grab and go. Roots Pressed Juices offer 17 flavors of cold pressed juices, made solely from locally farmed, 100% organic ingredients. There are anywhere between 3 to 4 pounds of fresh produce in every 16 oz. bottle!

A Juice Bar for any Occasion

At Roots Pressed Juices, they understand that everyone has different reasons for introducing juicing to their diet. That’s why they carry a variety of cold pressed juice products for low to high juicing commitments. Here are a few of the reasons why you should venture into their Dallas juice bar for a tasty concoction:

  • Juicing as a Nutrient Boost

Don’t have the time or the drive to consume your daily recommended 8 servings of fruits and vegetables? Not to worry. A Roots cold pressed juice makes a great health snack or complement to any meal. Even a quick juice shot (offered only in-store) can provide you with much-needed nutrients to help boost your health.

  • Juicing as a Detox Cleanse

Every day, we breathe and take in toxins that are harmful to our digestive system. They build up over time, often due to an over-consumption of junk food and alcohol. A juice cleanse gives your digestive system a break, so it can focus its energy on ridding your system of these unwanted toxins.

To fully experience the revitalizing effects of a juice cleanse, Roots Pressed Juices recommends doing a 5 day juice cleanse. Though many opt for a 3 day cleanse, your body doesn’t actually start purging the toxins until Day 4 or 5. Nonetheless, they offer anywhere from a 1 to 5 day cleanse kit at their Dallas juice bar.

  • Juicing as a Meal Supplement

Need a quick meal on the go? Would you rather substitute a meal per day instead of committing to a juice cleanse? You can make juicing part of your regimen by reaching for a Roots pressed juice or smoothie instead of solid foods. Pop into their Dallas juice bar for a meal that won’t leave you feeling sluggish!

For your convenience, you can order your products online or call 888-666-0290 to schedule an in-store pick-up time. Their juice bar is conveniently located at 3527 Oak Lawn Ave in the uptown neighborhood of Dallas, TX.

The Benefits of Juicing

There’s been a lot of hype recently surrounding the whole juicing revolution. Is it good for you? Why should I become a juicer? We decided to settle this by asking the pros at Roots Juices, a fresh pressed juicing company based in Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA. They responded with a list of the benefits to juicing. Below is their response:

If you are involved in the juicing culture in any way, then either you or someone you know has asked the following question: What are the benefits of juicing? It’s in our nature to relentlessly pursue the “Why” behind any endeavor we pursue. Juicing is no exception, and in fact demands even greater attention because it directly affects your health. With that said, we want to lay out some of the benefits of juicing, as well as a few precautions.
Benefits of juicing

4 Benefits of Juicing

While there are many health benefits of juicing, here is a list of 4 benefits that we feel you should know about:

1. Immediate Nutrient Absorption
Juicing provides an instant infusion of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients to your bloodstream because most of the fiber from the fruits and veggies is removed. This is sometimes referred to as pre-digestion because of the nutrients bypass much of your stomach and are infused straight into your bloodstream.

2. Gives Digestive System a Break
This benefit of juicing is related to the first. When fiber is removed, your digestive system is given a much needed break from breaking down the foods your body takes in. Juicing allows your cells to focus on rest and repair, which helps them function better when you do consume whole foods!

3. Helps You Get Your Recommended Serving of Veggies and Fruits
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a male age 25 who gets less than 30 minutes of exercise per day should consume 2 cups of fruit and 3 cups of vegetables. If you’re like me, it can be hard to plan out every meal and snack to include fresh, raw veggies and fruits (it’s much easier to get processed and cook fruits and veggies but these lose much of their nutritional value!). Juicing recipes are a great solution because you can consume your recommended daily servings and more in one glass of juice! A 16 oz. bottle of fresh cold pressed juice can contain from 3-5 pounds of fruits and veggies! Check out this list of healthy juicing recipes from our blog.

4. Get A Balanced Rotation of Veggies and Fruits
Again, if you’re like me, it’s easy to fall into the routine of eating the same fruits and veggies. This is usually the result of either a lack of knowledge in how to prepare a certain vegetable or unfamiliarity with the tastes of a fruit. Another benefit of juicing is how it allows you to consume vegetables and fruits you might otherwise not think about eating. The combinations in many juicing recipes are delicious and well crafted and can include anywhere from 2 or 3 different veggies and fruits up to 18 (see our very own Everything Juice)!

A few precautions:
Well, really it’s just one about juice cleanses. If you are considering a juice fast of more than 5 days as a way to lose weight, please consult a certified nutritionist or health professional before you start. While juicing is a great way to get nutrients quickly, juice substituted for all whole foods for long periods of time could hurt your body. We recommend a juice cleanse of 3 to 5 days.

We hope this brief article helps you answer the all important question about the benefits of juicing.
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Roots Juices featured on Best Juicing Recipe

Roots Juices has been featured on (and continues to be), a blog devoted to bringing the best recipes for juicing at home and information to educate their followers. It’s exciting for both to benefit from each others expertise.

Learn more about Best Juicing Recipe and all the healthy juicing recipes the offer below!

About Best Juicing Recipe

Best Juicing Recipe is all about providing our followers with the absolute best recipes and tips for juicing possible. We make it our aim to be continually informing and educating people to not only make the best juicing recipes, but also what to look for in other juicing recipes to ensure you’re getting the most nutritious juices available.

Whether you’ve been juicing for years now, or are taking your first steps into the wonderful world of juicing, we hope this blog will become your first stop for all tips and recipes for juicing!

More about Best Juicing Recipe

Best Juicing Recipe is an off-shoot of Roots Juices, a cold pressed juicing company based in Dallas, TX that was founded by Brent Rodgers. Roots Juices was born after Brent finished a short stint traveling around the world to take a break from all the stress and exhaustion associated with corporate America. While overseas, he experienced healthy juicing recipes and juicing cultures that were non-existent in the States. The people he lived amongst were regularly juicing, and living healthy, long lives as a result! Brent was inspired by this and determined to get people in the US to embrace juicing and get back to their roots. Then came the idea for Roots Juices.

What makes Roots Juices different is that their juices come from a hydraulic cold pressed juicer. It is the highest quality juicer available. A normal kitchen centrifugal juicer takes a whole fruit and squeezes out the juice through a high speed spinning process which eliminates many of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes along the way due to the higher temperatures (watch video on hydraulic vs. centrifugal). A hydraulic cold press juicer minimizes oxidation and releases more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes into each juice. Pressed juices carry 50 times as much nutrients as regular juices.

You’ve gotta check out all of Roots Juices’ fabulous products which are the result of carefully crafted and time-tested vegetable juicing recipes made with the freshest ingredients from local farmers.

Roots Pressed Juices Introduces the Best Juice Delivery in Atlanta

Are you a resident of Atlanta, Georgia? Are you searching for a way to introduce healthy eating habits into your daily life? If so, the good news is that Roots Pressed Juices, the leading pressed juice provider in Dallas, Texas, is extending its quick and affordable juice delivery service to the doorsteps of Atlanta residents.

At Roots Pressed Juices, they understand that the pressures of your professional and personal life can prevent you from leading a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, you likely won’t have time to purchase, prepare and consume your daily eight recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. That’s where Roots Juices’ fast and easy Atlanta juice delivery system comes in!

For those unfamiliar with the benefits of juicing, it’s a great way to kick start a wholesome diet and complement it in the long-term. Juicing has been known to provide a tremendous boost to your health, like increased energy, clearer skin, lower risk for disease and stronger bones. If you live in Atlanta, Roots Juices professionals can teach you how to properly cleanse using your first-time juice delivery.

Roots Pressed Juices can deliver a variety of pre-made, healthy and delicious juice kits to your doorstep. For best first-time results, they recommend doing a basic Beginner or Intermediate cleanse for 1-5 days at $50/day. For juicing devotees, they can supply you with their Advanced Cleanse that’s heavily vegetable-based and low in sugar. Also, their juice delivery service in Atlanta offers individual drinks to fit your juicing needs.

What sets Roots Juices apart from the competition, in Atlanta and the rest of the southern United States, is that they use hydraulic press when making their nutrient-rich juice drinks. A hydraulic press reduces oxidation and infuses each juice with more vitamins, enzymes and minerals to help cleanse your system of harmful toxins. Using their juice delivery Atlanta service, these juicing perks can be available for anyone.

If you live in Atlanta and are interested in accessing their juice delivery services, contact Roots Juice’ Atlanta office at (888) 666-0290 or visit their website.

A Juice Cleanse Atlanta Locals Can Enjoy

Courtesy of Roots Juices on Instagram

Courtesy of Roots Juices on Instagram

There are thousands of stories of people who have changed their lives by incorporating juicing and Juice Cleanses into their lives. Brett Rodgers, owner of Roots Pressed Juices, is at the top of that list, and is introducing a new Juice Cleanse Atlanta residents can enjoy!

A former stockbroker who took a year’s sabbatical to travel the world after leaving the profession, Rodgers discovered how people everywhere had made juicing a part of their everyday life. Soon, Rodgers created Roots Pressed Juices, offering online orders and delivery service of juices and Juice Cleanses. He also had a fast-growing list of businesses throughout the Dallas area eager to sell Roots Pressed Juices. The company is now making its mark with the first Roots Pressed Juices storefront, which has brought new attention to the idea of a Juice Cleanse Atlanta locals can use to get feel healthy and refreshed!

Why Do a Juice Cleanse?

A Juice Cleanse not only helps meet the recommended daily number of servings of fruit and vegetables, but also provides a number of important benefits. Roots Pressed Juices offers the best results for Juice Cleanse in Atlanta to detoxify the body and improve health. A Juice Cleanse can:

  • Provide both a short-term fix and a long-term complement to a healthy diet
  • Promote weight loss
  • Help fight disease through a boosted immunity system
  • Improve digestion and metabolism
  • Raise energy levels
  • Speed recovery from illness
  • Slow the aging process
  • Beautify skin and hair

How is Roots Pressed Juices Different?

Rodgers recognized that Juice Cleanses are not just a fad, but a way of life. Roots Pressed Juices was created to introduce more people to the practice that is embraced all over the world and help people discover the benefits of this healthier way of life.

Roots Pressed Juices offers a Juice Cleanse Atlanta is sure to enjoy, with a variety of juices and cleanses created using a cold-pressed method. This decreases oxidation and keeps in more vitamins and nutrients. Products offered include individual juices, cocktail mixer kits, and a variety of Detox and Juice Cleanse kits:

• Ingredients—Roots Pressed Juices uses mostly organic ingredients and fruit and vegetables chosen for their taste and health properties such as:

  • Beet
  • Fennel
  • Carrot
  • Kale
  • Watermelon
  • Spinach
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon
  • Honeydew
  • Chlorophyll

• Variety—numerous options to vary the taste, length, and strength for your ideal Juice Cleanse in Atlanta:

First-time cleansers may want to choose the Gentle Cleanse, which will ease them into the practice. The Hangover Recovery Juice Cleanse can help you bounce back after a night of too much partying.

The Pre Party Pack is a 3- to 5-day juice-only cleanse to nourish and lean out your body before a big event. Subscriptions are available in one- or two-month options and offer five fresh-pressed juices delivered to customers weekly.

No matter what your juice cleanse goals are, Roots Pressed Juices is best solution with a great Juice Cleanse Atlanta can enjoy along the way.

For more information about Roots Pressed Juices and the best of an Atlanta Juice Cleanse, visit the company’s website, where you can learn more about their products and read testimonials from customers who have been transformed by their Juice Cleanses. You can also call 888.666.0290 for more information.

Roots Pressed Juices has the 3 Day Juice Cleanse for a Healthier You

The 3 day juice cleanse is arguably the most popular detox diet around. A cleanse requires at least 3 days for the juices’ rich nutrients to be fully absorbed into your system, but anything further may be too much for your body to handle. ‘Interesting Company’ Roots Pressed Juices has three types of cleanse kits designed for beginner, average and advanced juicing enthusiasts:

1)    Gentle Cleanse Kit

Roots Pressed Juices’ gentle 3 day juice cleanse is a great introductory kit for anyone new to juicing. The fresh juices are made from raw fruits and vegetables that are gentle on your digestive system. The gentle cleanse’s detox plan is the easiest to follow and remain committed to. Juices included: Refresh, Wake Up, Fat Fighter, Restore, Health Nut and Go Green.

2)    Intermediate Cleanse Kit

  • Roots Pressed Juices’ intermediate 3 day juice cleanse is recommended for anyone who already leads a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Seeing as many of the juices are ‘greens’ based and low in calories and sugars, the drinks may be too much of a shock to anyone who eats mostly unhealthy, processed foods. Juices included: Health Nut, Restore, Green Goddess, Cold Kicker, Glow and Refresh.

3)    Advanced Cleanse Kit

Roots Pressed Juices’ advanced 3 day juice cleanse is for truly seasoned juicing enthusiasts. The juices are mostly vegetable-based therefore without a heavy amount of fruits, it has the lowest sugar levels of all of their cleanses. Using raw, antioxidant rich vegetables, the juices are optimally designed to repair cells and flush out your body. Juices included: Immune Booster, Green Goddess, Go Green, Glow, Refresh and Fat Fighter

Regardless of which kit you choose, Roots Pressed Juices understands that there are certain precautions that you have to take before, during and after your 3 day juice cleanse. For the days leading up to and immediately following your cleanse, purge your diet of processed foods like alcohol, caffeine, wheat, dairy, refined sugar and so on. It will help your body to prepare for the low calorie and sugar levels of the detox diet, and gradually return to a regular regimen while avoiding any digestive issues.

Most importantly, drink lots of water and fluids to stay hydrated throughout the 3 day juice cleanse. As the human body retains a lot of water to help us consume solid foods, you’re likely to lose some of that “water weight” during the juicing process. Staying hydrated will help to fend off any of the unfortunate side effects of dehydration, like headaches, dry throat and a decrease in focus and coordination. At Roots Pressed Juices, they’ll guide you through all the necessary steps to ensure your detox diet won’t put your health at risk.

If you’re looking to embark on a 3 day juice cleanse journey, visit Roots Pressed Juices’ website for more information. You can chat with a juicing professional to find out which cleanse is right for you, or call them at 888.666.0290.

Roots Pressed Juices’ Detox Juicing Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you searching for a sustainable way to get loads of nutrients into your daily diet? If so, Roots Juices, a fresh-pressed juicing company in Dallas, TX, has the solution for you. Their detox juicing recipes will infuse your body with the nutrients from all-natural, raw fruits and vegetables. Juicing can be a long-term complement to a wholesome, healthy diet.

For juicing recipes to be truly effective, they should enrich your body with the equivalent of the daily recommended eight servings of fruits and vegetables. Each juice drink should be a medley of ingredients designed to rid your body of harmful toxins. Roots Pressed Juices uses a wide variety of raw produce ingredients in their juice cleanse kits, including:

Juicing helps us to consume the nutrient rich produce that we often overlook because they’re not as commonly available. It incorporates healthy ‘greens,’ like kale and fennel that we typically lack in our daily diet. Roots Juices’ detox juicing recipes provide you with the nutritional value that you need, but can’t find in widely available processed foods. Recipes for juicing also make those nutrients easier to consume by condensing them into liquid form. It’s the perfect healthy eating solution for those of us who are constantly on the go.

Roots Juices understands that everyone has a different reason for juicing – be it weight loss, a complete detox or to simply kick start a healthy eating lifestyle. That’s why, in addition to their individual juices, they sell kits and subscriptions meant for juicecleanses that last anywhere from one day to two months.  Each kit uses vegetable juicing recipes that are specially designed for varying results. Their “Advanced Cleanse” is low on sugar, heavy on vegetables and high in intensity. Their “Gentle Cleanse” is intended for juicing beginners and is easy on your digestive system. Their one or two month long subscriptions are meant for those who are truly dedicated to juicing.

To make sure you get the most of your juicing experience, Roots Juices uses a hydraulic press instead of a centrifugal juicer to blend its produce. The hydraulic press method decreases oxidation and infuses each drink with more minerals, vitamins and enzymes. To give you an idea of the associated health benefits, pressed juices hold fifty times more nutrients than the juice at your local grocery store. The video below shows personal juicers, so you can imagine the benefits in healthy juicing recipes from a commercial-grade juicer like the one at Roots!


You can get your very own detox juices from Roots online by clicking the image below to shop online at Roots Juices.

Roots Juices - Shop Online Now!

4 Healthy Reasons to Juice for Weight Loss

Drinking juice made from raw fruits and vegetables is more than just the latest weight loss trend. Juice weight loss is a way to successfully flush out your toxin-ridden system and infuse your body with the nutrients it craves. Roots Pressed Juices, based in Dallas, is in the business of supplying people with juices high in nutritional value.

Here are four healthy reasons why the health experts at Roots Pressed Juices agree that all-natural juice is a great weight loss tool:

1)     Juicing curbs your appetite

Juicing acts as a natural, risk-free appetite suppressant. Roots Pressed Juices bottles a large quantity of raw fruits and vegetables in every juice drink, leaving you surprisingly full after a serving. Instead of snacking in between meals, drink fresh juice 20 minutes before every meal to sustain weight loss. It will curb your hunger and provide you with energy-boosting nutrients at the same time.

2)    Juicing cleanses your body and provides you with more energy

In our daily lives, we absorb harmful chemicals in our food, in the air, in the water, and so on. Although certain organs are designed to filter and dispose of waste, toxins can still build up in our body and make us more susceptible to chronic disease. When we juice for weight loss, our bodies no longer have to digest solid foods and can more effectively release the toxins from our system. A cleaner digestive tract results in more energy, which increases our likelihood to burn calories and lose weight.

3)    Juicing can help boost your metabolism

Raw fruits and vegetables have the antioxidants that your body needs to boost your cellular metabolism, i.e. the process in which your body transforms food into energy. The natural sugars found in antioxidant-packed fresh fruit are also good for the metabolism of your heart, liver and kidney. If you’re feeling extra bold, add hot ground spices to your juice recipe for weight loss. Spices like cayenne, pepper and cinnamon will give your juice a zesty kick and also help to stimulate your metabolism.

4)    Juicing has minimal calorie and sugar intake

Health experts agree that the intake of fresh, all-natural juice does result in weight loss. Though it’s in large part due to the loss of ‘water weight,’ there’s no denying that juicing is low in fatty calorie and sugar count. A proper juice cleanse should provide you with the daily recommended 1200 calories, the equivalent of what the average person burns per day. ‘Greens’ based juices are especially low in calories and high in nutrients as they include a great deal of water-heavy vegetables like celery and cucumber.

If you’re interested in juice as a weight loss tool, contact Roots Pressed Juices at 888.666.0290 or contact them on their website.

3 Benefits of the Best Juice Cleanse Fort Worth Has to Offer

Considering the top juice cleanse Fort Worth has to offer? Dallas-Fort Worth based Roots Juices has a line of fresh-pressed juices aimed at rejuvenating you inside and out. With their all-natural, raw ingredients, they are perfecting the art of detoxifying through juice.

By incorporating healthy and local organic fruits, vegetables, and other treats found in nature, and not touching them before they are included in the juices, all of the toxins of processed foods are eliminated. No harmful chemicals or dyes are added for flavor or color–it’s all natural. But other than just being really good for your health, and cleansing out your body, what do you get out of a juice cleanse?

Benefit 1: Increased energy. “You are what you eat.” It’s a phrase we’ve heard our mothers and fathers say forever, but we just imagine ourselves turning into donuts or french fries if we eat too many of them. But this is kind of true, at least when you eat clean and fresh vegetables, or drink them in the form of fresh-pressed juice. [Roots Juices] offer the cleanest juice cleanse Fort Worth hasn’t gotten to be completely exposed to. Taking in the all-natural and organic ingredients in [their] juices make you feel more naturally energized, by cutting out the toxins in everyday processed foods.

Benefit 2: Strengthened bones. Milk isn’t the only thing that builds strong bones. The many healthy vitamins in organic fruits and vegetables that are found in Roots Juices are make for the most beneficial juice cleanse Fort Worth has to offer. By packing in so many healthy ingredients into just one single juice, the amount of strength built up will multiply from your average meal!

Benefit 3: Clearer skin. Eating healthier means looking healthier, and your face is no exception. During a juice cleanse, not only do you eat healthy foods, but you drink a lot of water. The combination of the vitamins in the ingredients, and the great effects of drinking water will make you smile when you look in the mirror!

Whenever you decide to pick the best juice cleanse Fort Worth has in store for you, Roots Juices should be your number one choice. Their tasty, organic juices are good for more than tasting delicious! Call them today, or order online at

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