Introducing New Juices to the Juice Cleanse Houston Will Love!

Roots Juices is a Texas-based juice company with the goal of bringing the joy of fresh-pressed juice to everyone they can, and they’ve been pretty successful. With it’s Dallas ‘roots,’ the company has boomed in the DFW metroplex, but it’s time to make it happen a little further South. They have recently added three new juices to their line of juices, which is three more reasons why this company has at least one juice cleanse Houston area residents will love.

The recent additions to the juice cleanse Houston will be sure to enjoy are:

  • Fat Fighter: With it’s ingredients consisting of grapefruit, orange, ginger, and cayenne, this fresh-pressed juice is a fruity treat with a kick! The cayenne aims at boosting metabolism in order to help fight fat. The other ingredients bring you vitamins that aid in weight loss, and curbing hunger.
  • Immune Booster: This juice contains grapefruit, apple, orange, jalapeño and kale. Yes, we said jalapeño. We know that fruits are healthy, but we typically don’t think of jalapeños as anything other than a nacho topping. Little do most people know, they are great at boosting the immune system!
  • Cold Kicker: The third new juice at Roots is a cold-kicking combination of orange, green apple, kale, and lime. The citrus fruits are some of the most beneficial ingredients that you can put into foods, because they serve so many purposes, such as getting rid of a cold. The high amounts of Vitamins A, B, and C, as well as other different vitamins packed into these fruits, work together to fight off the cold!

These new juices are beneficial to people who have very specific goals that they expect from a juice. For other juices that help with detoxifying and weight loss, check out any type of juice cleanse Houston residents will be sure to enjoy. Check out the detoxifying cleanses, from beginner to advanced levels of juicing, and give them a call if you have any questions!

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