Standish’s Top Tips for Picking Quality Hair Salon Chairs

Hair salon chairs can be argued as the most important element of a salon. It’s where your customer will be for the bulk of their experience with you, so it is crucial to choose hair salon chairs that are of the highest quality, such as the ones they have at Standish Salon Goods.

So what key requirements should you be looking for in your hair salon chairs? At Standish, they have been able to not only lay it out for you, but they also offer each checkpoint in every single one of their salon chairs:

1. Pick hair salon chairs with a good warranty:

[Standish’s] hair salon chairs come with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. [They] want to make sure you are happy and know things happen, so that’s why [they] offer one of the best warranties in the industry. This warranty includes the hydraulic pump, which is covered from manufacturer defects for the duration of your warranty.

2. Make sure the materials are long-lasting and durable:

Hair salon chairs endure a considerable amount of wear and tear, which can be especially hard on the vinyl.  [Standish] uses vinyl because it’s the best option, as opposed to leather, which won’t hold up against water or stains, [and the] vinyl is certified over 10,000 rubs on the Wyzenbeek rub test. The Wyzenbeek is an abrasion test that tests a fabric’s ability to withstand surface wear from rubbing. Put simply, [they] make sure the vinyl can hold up to people constantly getting in and out of the styling chairs.

3. Choose a chair that meets all Fire Retardant Standards:

[Standish] hair salon chairs also meet the California TB117 Fire Retardant Standards, meaning [their] chairs are made of material that can withstand up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. So curl, straighten and blow-dry to your heart’s content!

4. Assure that the chair has enough staples to keep it together:

Another standout reason [Standish’s] hair salon chairs are the best is because [they] double up on the staples, ensuring less tugging and pulling on the material.

5. Lastly, check to see if your chair is made with double-stitching:

At Standish, attention to detail is important, and so is quality, so you won’t be surprised to know [their] beautiful double stitching also provides additional durability. This double bond helps create a strong hold against rips, ultimately making [the] hair salon chairs last longer.

These are only a couple of the reasons to shop at Standish for your hair salon chairs. Start shopping today at Shop chairs, stations, dryers and more, and in no time, you’ll have a salon that everyone will be envious of.

Salon Furniture Showroom Dallas

On the hunt for some awesome salon furniture, but not quite sure where to start? Standish Salon Goods just opened a salon furniture showroom Dallas salon owners are sure to fall in love with. Complete with chairs, stations, and accessories, this showroom has all the right ingredients for a great salon equipment shopping experience.

Located in Exposition Park of Deep Ellum, and just down the street from Fair Park, we’re in the heart of Dallas. We have a showroom complete with chairs, stations, shampoo bowls, and even more! This is surely a salon furniture showroom Dallas‘ beauty industry can be inspired by. As soon as you walk in, you will see some of our most popular chairs, then a showroom filled with nearly every chair and station on our website.

If you want to visit the most unique salon furniture showroom Dallas has to offer, we’ve got a wide variety of furniture. From the classiest of stations to the retro-looking chairs in the salon furniture business, we’ve got anything that you could be looking for. Along with the basic necessities of salon furniture, you can also see some of our other furniture, such as reception desks and seating, trollies, and shampoo bowls and units.

Standish offers high-quality furniture to their customers, meeting all regulations and codes, plus a dash of modern flare. Not only are they of high-quality, but also are low-priced, competitive with the top salon furniture companies in the nation. All of those characteristics combined make it clear that Standish should be your first stop when starting the journey of furnishing a salon.

If you’re in the area, stop by Standish’s new salon furniture showroom Dallas is bound to love. The great furniture deals will draw you in, but the outstanding service will keep you coming back for all your salon equipment needs. Call (888) 271-8434 or visit to schedule your visit today!

Creating a Bold Atmosphere with Red Salon Chairs

When designing a salon, you are looking for that key element of the interiors that will make yours stand out among the rest. One of the best ways to do just that is by completing your salon with red salon chairs.

Red salon chairs are both classy and bold. They are extremely eye-catching, drawing in customers to your salon, and convincing them that your hair abilities are just as outstanding as your salon furniture. The people at Standish Salon Goods put it best: red salon chairs are “the lady in red of salons.”

When paired with black, white and chrome, red salon chairs can create an atmosphere that is both bold and modern. Or, if that’s not quite your style, go for a masculine and industrial feel with iron fixtures, espresso wood and exposed brick walls. With a striking piece such as red salon chairs, the possibilities are limitless!

If you dare to go bold, consider The Veronica Styling Chair in red. At just $199 Veronica is one of those red salon chairs that is not only super stylish and eye-catching, but also affordable. Veronica is one of many stylish red salon chairs available at Standish to make your salon pop!

Some salon owners steer away from red salon chairs because they’re so different from the norm, but that’s the opposite of what they should be doing! Red salon chairs will help you stand out from your typical black-chaired salon. Customers like different and unique, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with red salon chairs.

Standish has a wide selection of red salon chairs, with most of their chairs including the option of red. Their red salon chairs come in many shapes and designs, guaranteeing that you’ll definitely like one of the many options that they present to you.

Shop the red salon chairs and Standish Salon Goods, and you’ll be on your way to creating the perfect atmosphere that will have customers coming back for more. Shop online, chat, or call Standish at (888) 271-8434 to get on the path of creating the perfect salon space.

Using White Salon Chairs to Complete Your Blow Dry Bar

Opening a blow dry bar, but not sure how you want your interiors to look? White salon chairs should be at the top of your list of pieces of furniture to get. Since blow dry bars are the most modern step forward in the hair industry, it’s only appropriate to create an equally as contemporary look for the interiors of your salon space. Using white furniture and chrome details throughout your salon with create exactly that atmosphere.

Standish Salon Goods understands how salon owners operate. They almost know what your salon needs before you do, which is why they have already found a way to help you create the perfect look and feel for your blow dry bar.

When speaking with salon owners, we often hear “Oh, I would LOVE a white salon chair, but does it stain easily? Is it hard to keep clean? I should just go with black.” Most of the time, they reluctantly do just that. But with Blow Dry Bars, you are free to design your space any way you want! Do you want a sunny and bright salon? No problem! Go with The glass and chrome Napa Chateau salon styling station paired with Veronica white salon chairs! Do you want to go with a classic black and white color scheme? No biggie! Take a look at The Miami salon styling station and pair it with Draper white salon chairs!

To get your creative juices flowing, we created a bold and bright package featuring white salon chairs that would be perfect; the Modern Oasis salon furniture package. It allows you to get everything you need, and you’ll receive five percent off and free shipping this month!

The options to create your blow dry bar are pretty endless at Standish. With every single one of their salon styling chairs coming in white, and options of a chrome-detailed base for all of them, any chair you choose will help you create the atmosphere you are aiming for. Shop their white salon chairs today to start working on the blow dry bar of your dreams.

Standish offers the best furniture on the market, for the most affordable price possible. Their monthly promotions and great warranty make for a painless purchasing process designed to make your life easier. Start shopping today, or call them at (888) 271-8434 today to talk to a salon furniture expert.

The Salon Styling Stations That are Right for You

Salons come in many designs, shapes, and colors. If you read about finding the right salon styling chairs, then you probably realized that Standish Salon Goods is the perfect place to go when you’re furnishing a salon. But now that you have your chairs picked out, you need salon styling stations to match–thankfully Standish has those too.

The experts at Standish know what salon owners want, so that’s exactly what they give them. They recently posted a blog that can help you pick out the right salon styling stations to match your salon’s atmosphere and theme.

For a stylist with a futuristic, chrome style in mind, our glass and frosted chrome stations will satisfy your furniture craving. One such stations that we have, the Sierra Vine salon styling station is pretty basic in shape, but the chrome details and large mirror make a great team in creating a modern atmosphere. The Sierra Vine as well as our other glass and chrome salon styling stations are available in both single and double-sided options, doubling the ways that you can use it in your salon!

If you want a look that is super modern, but you don’t really have space for a big station, wall-mounted salon styling stations are the way to go. Check out the Soho Loft salon styling station, which is available in both black and walnut. Not only is this station perfectly convenient for stylists in a tight space, but it’s also great for those on a tight budget!

Salons trying to achieve a retro look for their salon might enjoy the Miami Causeway salon styling station. This beauty comes in blue and black, with chrome details on the handles and a unique wall-mounted mirror attachment. As soon as a customer sits down in front of this station, they’re sure to be swept away from their everyday lives and into a beach-like, retro vibe.

Don’t hesitate to give Standish a call. They’ll help you in picking out salon styling stations, as well as any other unique piece of furniture you are looking for your salon. Give them a call at (888) 271-8434, chat them at, or visit their salon furniture showroom in Dallas.

Salon Chairs from Standish to Make Your Salon Pop

The first thing a client notices when they come into a salon is the type of chair they will be sitting in for the couple of hours they will be there, so why not give them the pleasure of sitting in the most top-of-the-line salon chairs?

Standish Salon Goods is the place to go when you’re looking you purchase salon chairs. They have a wide selection of chairs, as well as other salon equipment items, that you can build up a salon with. They know how to help customers pick out salon chairs, for all style varieties.

One of our most popular salon chairs is the Veronica salon styling chair. A chair that comes in red, black, white, and brown, and is priced at under $200, it’s no wonder she is one of the most sought-after salon chairs on the market. Veronica is a hairdresser’s dream, made from high-quality upholstery, complete with unique arm design and chrome detailing.

Looking for more classic-looking salon chairs? The Rutherford salon styling chair should be your first option. Available for under $300 on select colors, this chair will make you feel like you’re at home on your parent’s couch when you sit down to get your hair styled. It’s one of our softest, most cushioned chairs, with the [widest] seat available. Get this attractive fellow in brown, black, or white, and you’re guaranteed to have satisfied customers.

If you’re feeling a more retro vibe for your salon, the quilted padding on the arms of the Gwyneth salon styling chair is sure to be love at first sight. Like Veronica, Gwyneth also comes in four colors: red, black, white, and brown. The best part about this chair? She’s a valuable lady, most salon chairs like her value a retail price of nearly $450… but at Standish, we give it to you for under $300!

With all of the research done for you, what else could you ask for? Visit for any of your salon needs from salon chairs, to stations, to shampoo bowls and more, and you’ll definitely have the most uncommonly cool salon around.

Standish’s Steps to Picking the Right Beauty Salon Furniture

Starting up a business can be tough, and starting a salon is no exception. Finding stylists is one thing, but then you have to find beauty salon furniture to convey the right vibe to your clients. So, when you’re picking out your furniture, what should you be looking for?

First, you must narrow down your options by price range. While building a salon, it’s important to stay within budget. When you do enough research, you can find the quality beauty salon furniture you’re looking for at a price that you can be comfortable with.

Second, find beauty salon furniture that matches your salon’s style. Salons typically can match any of the following styles:

  • Modern – a modern or contemporary salon will take advantage of chrome details and hard lines, in order to make the salon look more futuristic. In addition to chrome, having large mirrors and light colors will help create the illusion that there is more natural light throughout the salon.
  • Classic – wooden stations and thick-cushioned salon chairs will make customers feel like they are in a friendly atmosphere, much like that of an vintage hair salon or barber shop.
  • Retro – the addition of salon chairs and stations with unique patterns and colors can take your clients back in time when they step foot into your salon.
  • Light – using white, light blues, and silvers for your chairs and stations can transform the entire atmosphere of a salon.
  • Dark – just the opposite of light salon styles, the use of brown and black furniture, as well as chocolate, espresso, and black stations, can add depth and warmth to a salon.

Third, and finally, when finding the perfect beauty salon furniture for you, you must find safe, high-quality furniture. This is important not only to ensure that the furniture will endure for a long amount of time, but even more importantly, for the safety of your clients. Standish Salon Goods has some tips for things to check when purchasing beauty salon furniture to make sure that you’re getting the best quality possible:

Points that should be on your quality checklist when shopping for beauty salon furniture:

  • Do chairs have double stitching to prevent rips and tears?
  • Do chairs have 2-3 times more staples, ensuring less tugging and pulling?
  • Do chairs contain heavy duty, dense foam to prevent bottoming out?
  • Does ALL equipment pass Uniform Plumber Code (UPC)? (Some companies do not offer this, leading to possible failed inspection and delays in opening).
  • Does all vinyl pass TB117 Fire Retardant code in all states?

If you follow all of these steps, you’re sure to find the best beauty salon furniture on the market. When you shop with Standish, you’ll find all of these requirements. You can find value-priced furniture in a variety of styles, that are made and inspected to the highest standards. Anything you could possibly think of, Standish probably has it! Shop today, and let the salon you’re envisioning come to life!

The Best Used Salon Furniture Dallas Has to Offer is at Standish

The city of Dallas is booming. New places popping up left and right, for just about any type of business. One of the biggest growing industries in the metroplex is the beauty industry. New trends in hair styling are growing rapidly, which calls for a higher demand of salons. However, furnishing these salons can get costly, so salon owners often look for used furniture. The best selection of used salon furniture Dallas is at Standish Salon Goods.

Standish has an inventory of scratch and dent and used furniture in their salon furniture showroom. Their scratch and dent inventory is their collection of products that had very minor issues that prevented them from passing the strict inspection checkpoints that the manufacturer has–for example, a missing staple or a stitching issue. Aside from a few issues, their products are as good as new, but at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re interested in purchasing some of the best used salon furniture Dallas, then they’ve helped you out by telling offering you a few ways to purchase their used salon furniture:

  1. Fill out our form [here] with what salon furniture interests you most, and a Standish sales consultant will contact you as soon as possible.
  2. Call us at [888-271-8434], and ask about our inventory. We’ll start a process that will help you to build up your dream salon area!
  3. Come visit our new salon furniture showroom in Dallas! You can take a look at our used salon furniture and take it home with you at the end of the day!

Aside from used furniture, Standish also has one of the best selections of new salon furniture, and deliver nationwide. They take all the precautions they can to make their prices the lowest in the business, making both their new AND used furniture the most affordable on the market! Don’t miss out on the awesome deals that Standish has to offer on their used salon furniture. Dallas-area salon owners should contact Standish about some of the best used salon furniture in Dallas, by calling 888-271-8434 today!

Advice from Standish When Purchasing Salon Equipment

Thinking about purchasing some salon equipment? We found this article on Standish Salon Goods’ website that will help you narrow down your search. The wonderful people at Standish realize a big part of the decision-making process is narrowing down whether you’re going to purchase custom-made or ready-to-ship furniture for your salon.

Here’s what Standish has to say about Custom Salon Equipment:

If you have a specific look in mind, building custom salon equipment might be an option. Custom furniture can give you the exact look you’re wanting, but at a price. Whether you hire a general contractor or a salon equipment company that offers custom pieces, you’ll be looking at much higher price points. Additionally, custom jobs can often take months, not even taking into account any unforeseen delays.

Often times, custom salon equipment does not come with a warranty, meaning if your equipment fails in the next couple of years, you are expected to cover the cost of replacement equipment.

Some companies have a tendency to cut corners when it comes to building quality pieces. Be sure to ask contractors about the lifespan of drawer glides, resistance of materials to heat, the porosity of surfaces (think color staining), and cabinet hinges that are able to withstand everyday salon and spa use.

Although there are some good points to custom-made equipment, the ready-to-ship salon equipment, such as that of Standish Salon Goods themselves, is the easier and more hassle-free choice. Here’s why they think so:

If you have a certain look you’re hoping to bring to your salon, you can often find ready-made salon equipment that can bring your salon dreams to life. Ready-to-ship salon equipment is cost-effective, and can often arrive within 7-10 business days of purchasing. So, it’s ready when you are!

Many companies that offer ready-to-ship products are constantly updating their line to stay on trend, and the selection is often varied from trendy to classic or modern. Whatever your style, you can easily find something that already exists that conveys your look.

Standish salon equipment is made with industrial-grade hinges and full-extension drawer pulls and that will last, on average, about 5-10 times longer than what’s available through a general contractor. And if something does fail, our products are covered under warranty. Taking the time to ensure that the salon equipment you purchase will last is what Standish all about.”

The ready-to-ship salon equipment available at Standish has the high-quality to match that of custom-made furniture, but at a fraction of the cost. It would be a shame to miss out on the great furniture they have to offer! Visit to view all the uncommonly cool furniture they have to offer.

Salon Space Planning: A Breeze at Standish Salon Goods

Setting up your first salon, or are you just wanting to revamp the one you’re currently in? At Standish Salon Goods you have assistance with salon space planning, from the first piece of furniture you purchase, to your opening day. They’ll assist you throughout whatever help you need during the process of planning the layout of your salon, be it picking out which furniture matches your style or color templates, or deciding where each individual station should be set up.

The lovely people at Standish know that sometimes figuring out the right furniture for your salon, and laying it out is more easy said than done. Narrowing it down to one station and chair for the entire salon can be a difficult decision, then having to do the rest of the salon space planning on top of it is another hurdle to jump. Especially with all of the furniture at Standish to choose from, making the final decision is a difficult one, because picking your favorite is always a tough choice. Thankfully, through all of these decisions, Standish is there to help.

The inside of Standish’s new Salon Furniture Showroom in Dallas 

If you call in or come in for a salon furniture showroom appointment, send in or bring along your salon blueprints, and you will get one-on-one salon space planning consulting on which salon styling stations and salon styling chairs will best suit the layout of your floor. The Standish staff has a great sense for laying out and matching furniture together, and can be a great deal of help in deciding which furniture to choose for your salon.

Here’s one example of how Standish can help you be space-efficent and stylish at the same time: in salons that have a limited amount of space to fit in shampoo areas and styling areas, the Woodrow Wet Parlor salon furniture package might help out. It has a shampoo bowl and station all in one with the Seattle Wellington wet station, and the Woodrow all-purpose salon chair that conserve all the space you might need to shampoo and cut, but still with some of the most classy furniture available to do so. Or if that isn’t your style, you can load up on double-sided salon styling stations to make space more efficient for your stylists, and still maintain a very sleek style in your salon! Either way, you’re left with two very stylish options for salon space planning tailored to fit your exact needs.

Whether you want to fill the interior of your room, or line the walls with styling stations, Standish has the right piece of furniture to fill your needs. The variety of furniture you will find at Standish will make your salon space planning a breeze, and the prices that you can get it at is even better! Call, chat, or stop by Standish today to start on your journey to the most stylish salon in town!

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