Picking the Right Fort Worth Tattoo Removal Method

So you’ve decided to erase a tattoo from your skin, for any of a variety of reasons for tattoo removal you may have. That’s great! But now you have to decide where to have the treatments done, and which Fort Worth Tattoo Removal  method is going to be the best for your particular tattoo.

First, you must look for a facility that removes tattoo, and one of the leading providers of Fort Worth tattoo removal is Unink Tattoo Removal. With three DFW area offices, you can find a location close to you, with a staff dedicated to helping you achieve the results that you are striving for.

Next, after you decide that Unink Fort Worth Tattoo Removal is the right choice for you, they will have a free consultation with you to discuss many aspects of your tattoo in order to decide on a removal process.

  1. The location of your tattoo: this is important, because certain areas of skin will generally take longer to remove than others.
  2. Size of the tattoo: a big deciding factor in the number of treatments is the size of your tattoo. The bigger the area of space the tattoo covers, the more time it will take for both the individual treatments and length of the entire removal process itself.
  3. Age of the tattoo: a newer tattoo will take longer to remove than an older one. Why? Because older tattoos will, over time, absorb some of the ink from the tattoo, making it less work for an older tattoo to be removed.
  4. Color vs. black ink: a multi-colored tattoo will almost always take longer to remove than a plain black ink tattoo. This is due to the fact that certain colors take longer to fade than others, and very dark colors like black will be a color that fades rather quickly in comparison to colors such as light green and yellow.

Also during your consultation at your Fort Worth tattoo removal office, you’ll discuss the method with which the tattoo will be removed. Unink offers two methods: laser tattoo removal, and the R20 Method. Laser tattoo removal is the traditional removal process using a laser, which is more recommended for color tattoos. The R20 Method, on the other hand, is a method that is not a laser, but rather a removal technique that is the newest on the tattoo removal scene. Ask your removal specialist in your consultation about which method will best suit your skin and tattoo.

Finally, once you have chose a location and had your in-depth consultation, you’ll be able to start erasing your tattoo! With all the right tools, you will know approximately how many treatments you’ll be having, and in months, will be tattoo-free!

Check out Unink Fort Worth Tattoo Removal‘s before and after gallery, and testimonial page, to see what other people are saying about the amazing work that they offer! Schedule your free consultation today, and get on the track to tattoo-free skin!

5 Reasons to Consider Southlake Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are a huge part of society today, and it seems like everyone has one. There are countless television shows that follow tattoo artists, and there are even reality shows with competitions for the next big tattoo artist. But along with the rise of tattoo popularity comes handfuls of people that want those tattoos removed. At Unink’s Southlake tattoo removal location, they’ve encountered a wide variety of reasons for wanting to remove tattoos, and here are five reasons that people search for an alternative to the ink on their skin:

  1. “I want a better tattoo.” Sure, you don’t want to be tattoo-less, but you might just want to have a more intricate, colorful, or just higher quality tattoo in place of one that you have on your skin. You can come to Unink Southlake Tattoo Removal and they’ll either completely remove the tattoo, or lighten it up just enough to cover it with a brand new one with an average of just 1 to 3 treatments.
  2. “We broke up, so I need to break up with this tattoo, too.” Although it’s always advised not to get a person’s name tattooed, people do it anyway. If you just have a name tattooed on you in a small amount of space, it should be removed in a minimal number of treatments.
  3. “I really want this job, but they don’t allow you to have visible tattoos.” The climbing popularity of tattoos still haven’t expanded into many workplaces, and having visible tattoos can really make or break your potential employment in certain offices. When you visit Unink Southlake tattoo removal, you can remove the tattoos from whichever regions of skin necessary in order to help you get the job that you’re longing for.
  4. “I have a special event coming up in the next few months, and I really don’t want to show my tattoo.” This can apply to many situations, such as a bride looking to remove the tattoo on her back to get that perfect backless wedding dress. The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re removing a tattoo for an event is to allow yourself time for enough treatments before your target date. When you set up your free consultation at Unink’s Southlake tattoo removal location, they’ll discuss with you how long that particular tattoo will take to remove.
  5. “I thought that was a good idea to get tattooed… when I was eighteen.” You might have gotten a tattoo just because you could once you turned eighteen, or the face of the singer or artist that you were once obsessed with is not something you want tattooed on your forearm anymore. Whatever the case, Unink can help you erase the permanent damage you might have done some years back.

Schedule your free tattoo removal consultation at Unink’s Southlake tattoo removal location, located inside of the Hidden Door Spa. You can learn more about how long your tattoo removal process will take, depending on the different factors of size, age, location, color, and more. With three locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, tattoo removal from Unink Tattoo Removal is easily accessible, so don’t hesitate to give them a call or fill out the form on UninkTattooRemoval.com  today!

Frisco Tattoo Removal at Unink

We have Bic’s Wite Out Pen, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and the Tide To-Go Pen to fix the mistakes we make in everyday life. All are easily accessible and a true life saver sometimes, but sometimes not everything is that easy to get rid of, like a tattoo for instance. Although the “permanent” ink on your skin is supposed to last forever, you might wake up and realize one day that you really don’t want the word “Mom” in a heart attached to your bicep forever. Luckily, a new Frisco tattoo removal company has come to save the day; Unink Tattoo Removal.

Unink is the place to go in the DFW area for Frisco tattoo removal. They keep up with the latest industry news, trends and best practices. They’ve adopted a new method for Frisco tattoo removal called the R20 Method. This is the newest and most innovative tattoo removal process on the market, and is targeted to remove ink from the skin more quickly than traditional methods.

Unink Tattoo Removal has three different locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, in Southlake, Hurst, and right down the tollway from Frisco, their Dallas location. The Frisco tattoo removal professionals are exactly that–professional. It’s their goal to ensure that your removal process is as easy and exceptional as possible, just ask their clients:

My experience was great! I got great results the staff was friendly and it was over quickly.

   -Dustin P.

The most friendly and knowledgeable place to get a treatment done. I had been seeking a place for years and finally found the best! Their rates are competitive, as well.


I am very happy with the progress and the clinic is awesome. The procedure is very professional. I really like this clinic. I am having two removed.

   -Bonnie T.

Check out the Frisco tattoo removal experts’ before and after gallery on their website, UninkTatooRemoval.com. You’ll see the different types of tattoos they are able to remove, and get an idea of how long your removal process could potentially take. Once you’ve checked out the gallery, fill out the form at the bottom of their website to schedule your FREE consultation today at any one of their three DFW locations!

Dallas Tattoo Removal Experts: Unink Tattoo Removal

We all make mistakes and have regrets. Whether it’s having stayed up a few hours too late on Sunday night or not working out prior to summertime, we’ve all been there. One mistake that many make is getting something permanent that they cannot turn back on: tattoos. But the Dallas tattoo removal experts at Unink Tattoo Removal are there to help you erase the most seemingly permanent of mistakes.

Dallas tattoo removal is made simple at Unink. They understand any and all reasons for wanting to erase tattoos from your body. From wanting a job that forbids tattoos to throwing out the memory of your ex, the experts of Dallas tattoo removal at Unink have seen it in a variety of types.

Unink offers Dallas tattoo removal for the following types of tattoos:

  • Professional Tattoos: Professional tattoos, done with an ink gun in a tattoo shop, take the longest to remove due to the depth into the skin and number of colors. A black tattoo can take about 8 to 10 treatments to remove, and color will add about 6 more treatments to the removal process. Factors that play into the length of removal vary from the location, size, type of ink used, age of the tattoo, and more.
  • Amateur Tattoos: Tattoos that are done as a juvenile or in prison are typically less intricate and colorful than professional tattoos, making them easier to remove from the skin. In an average of 3 to 5 treatments, you can be cleared of your amateur tattoo.
  • Permanent Makeup: Whether you are unimpressed with your permanent makeup, or you’re just looking to return to your natural look, Unink can erase your tattoo in about 2 to 4 treatments.
  • Cover Up: If you’re interested in covering up your tattoo, Unink can help with that. It’s common to lighten a tattoo more, so covering it with a new one is easier. You can achieve the lightening results you desire in about 1 to 3 treatments.

Unink Dallas tattoo removal offers the R20 Removal method, the latest in tattoo removal, to return your skin to a blank slate. This method is a tattoo removal technique that uses multiple passes to a single tattoo, at 20-minute intervals to reduce the amount of ink more than the commonly used single pass method.

To see examples of before-and-after results with Dallas tattoo removal at Unink Tattoo Removal, check out their impressive gallery on UninkTattooRemoval.com, and learn more about the number of treatments specific areas require.

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