The Benefits of Mactech’s Tools for Underwater Cutting

When it comes to underwater machining for a range of heavy duty materials, it’s important to use technology that you can trust to get the job done. For more than 35 years, featured ‘Interesting Company’ Mactech Offshore has offered the latest in durable and safe underwater cutting equipment.

Mactech’s inventory of subsea cutting tools include the Articulating Diamond Wire Saw, an Inline Diamond Wire Saw, a Split Frame Cutter, Internal Pipe Sever Machine and a Travel Roto Cutter. Which one would best meet the needs of your company? Let’s examine the benefits of each tool.

Articulating Diamond Wire Saw

Mactech’s Diamond Wire Saw is perfect for cutting multi-string applications, or heavy wall legs and cross members. Its slim profile and vertical stance lets it to go where other saws would never dream – into tight spaces like excavations with minimal dredging and coffer dams. It is also adept at making critical or large cuts in a variety of applications.

Inline Diamond Wire Saw

Of Mactech’s underwater cutting tools, the inline diamond wire saw has the largest operating range. It is easily customized to meet your project’s needs, and it is designed for quick and easy set-up, installation, cutting and removal time. As an added bonus, the saw’s small footprint saves deck space that could be used for important components.

Split Frame Cutter

Mactech’s split frame cutter is a precise and versatile tool for beveling and cold-cutting pipes of all sizes. As an effective tool for underwater cutting, it makes short work of pipes with an outside diameter of 2″ all the way up to over 60.” This low-maintenance machinery requires very little axial or radial clearance for both installation and use.

Internal Pipe Sever Machine

Mactech’s innovative Internal Pipe Sever Machine serves several functions, including casing, tubing from the inside and cutting pipes underwater. The machine is especially effective in situations involving round tube severing, limited access and cutting below the mudline applications. The best part is that it requires no dredging or digging!

Travel Roto Cutter

Despite its travel size, Mactech’s Travel Roto Cutter’s functionality is comparable to the larger, more heavy duty undersea cutting equipment. It possesses an impressive ability to cut widespread diameters and out of round casings or vessels. It can also tackle deck and plate cutting with ease and speed. Lesson learned – don’t trust a book by its cover!

Still unsure of which underwater cutting tool is right for your platform? Contact Mactech Offshore at 1-337-839-2793 or to speak with a specialty technician, or visit Mactech’s website for more information.

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