Standish Salon Goods

At Standish Salon Goods, they “get it.” What makes them different is that they understand that (1) you are an artist, and (2) you manage an important salon business. They “get it.” They believe that they’re artists, too… so they’re right there with you. They take a lot of pride in making really cool salon chairs, salon furniture, and other salon goods to make your salon look FANTASTIC without breaking the bank.

They’re cool, fun, and friendly people. At Standish Salon Goods, they’re all real people. They have personalities. They love their jobs. They love helping you. And they’re passionate about their products. They’re not just a bunch of big time salesmen, which actually works out better for them, because they don’t have to stress about making daily minimums or surviving on commissions. They just get to be nice people. Ultimately this all boils down to the fact that they care about what happens after you make your purchase.

Standish Salon Goods is a local company, here in the good ol’ USA. They work with local businesses, artists, and developers to create a site full of really cool product. They have a quality control process that employs specialists who hand check your items and your order in the USA before it ever gets shipped to you. Because they’re so confident in their quality, they’re able to offer the best return policy and warranty in the business.

You can buy salon furniture on Standish Salon Goods’s site at any time of day without having to call in to a sales hotline. Don’t take that the wrong way–they’re glad to take your call and help you in any way possible. But at Standish, you won’t be hassled by a smarmy sales guy in a corner to get what you need.

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