Unink Tattoo Removal

(Photo Courtesy of Unink Tattoo Removal)

UnInk Tattoo Removal is a premier tattoo removal company with four locations in Texas and plans to grow nationwide. UnInk prides itself in providing unparalleled service and the latest advancements in tattoo removal. UnInk uses the R20 method which was founded in Greece in 2011 and is internationally known as one of the best methods for tattoo removal.

UnInk Tattoo Removal is unique in it’s offering of ‘no credit check’ financing options and believes that everyone’s skin deserves a second chance. No matter the size, shape or color of tattoo, UnInk can remove it as pain-free as possible. Their experienced staff ensure that every customer is comfortable during the treatment process.

Tattoo removal shouldn’t be something anyone is ashamed of. Mistakes happen, but they can be fixed. UnInk offers a FREE consultation to determine the cost and number of treatments it takes to remove any tattoo. Skin can be extremely sensitive, and the professionals at UnInk Tattoo Removal can take care of it better than anyone in the industry.

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