The Hottest Juice Bar in Dallas

Featured ‘Interesting Company’ Roots Pressed Juices is leading the charge for fresh pressed juicing across Dallas. Since it opened in November of 2013, their juice bar on Oak Lawn Ave has helped local residents to embrace juicing and return to their roots.

Their Dallas juice bar is a relaxed store front environment, where you’re welcome to sit and enjoy your juice or grab and go. Roots Pressed Juices offer 17 flavors of cold pressed juices, made solely from locally farmed, 100% organic ingredients. There are anywhere between 3 to 4 pounds of fresh produce in every 16 oz. bottle!

A Juice Bar for any Occasion

At Roots Pressed Juices, they understand that everyone has different reasons for introducing juicing to their diet. That’s why they carry a variety of cold pressed juice products for low to high juicing commitments. Here are a few of the reasons why you should venture into their Dallas juice bar for a tasty concoction:

  • Juicing as a Nutrient Boost

Don’t have the time or the drive to consume your daily recommended 8 servings of fruits and vegetables? Not to worry. A Roots cold pressed juice makes a great health snack or complement to any meal. Even a quick juice shot (offered only in-store) can provide you with much-needed nutrients to help boost your health.

  • Juicing as a Detox Cleanse

Every day, we breathe and take in toxins that are harmful to our digestive system. They build up over time, often due to an over-consumption of junk food and alcohol. A juice cleanse gives your digestive system a break, so it can focus its energy on ridding your system of these unwanted toxins.

To fully experience the revitalizing effects of a juice cleanse, Roots Pressed Juices recommends doing a 5 day juice cleanse. Though many opt for a 3 day cleanse, your body doesn’t actually start purging the toxins until Day 4 or 5. Nonetheless, they offer anywhere from a 1 to 5 day cleanse kit at their Dallas juice bar.

  • Juicing as a Meal Supplement

Need a quick meal on the go? Would you rather substitute a meal per day instead of committing to a juice cleanse? You can make juicing part of your regimen by reaching for a Roots pressed juice or smoothie instead of solid foods. Pop into their Dallas juice bar for a meal that won’t leave you feeling sluggish!

For your convenience, you can order your products online or call 888-666-0290 to schedule an in-store pick-up time. Their juice bar is conveniently located at 3527 Oak Lawn Ave in the uptown neighborhood of Dallas, TX.

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