4 Healthy Reasons to Juice for Weight Loss

Drinking juice made from raw fruits and vegetables is more than just the latest weight loss trend. Juice weight loss is a way to successfully flush out your toxin-ridden system and infuse your body with the nutrients it craves. Roots Pressed Juices, based in Dallas, is in the business of supplying people with juices high in nutritional value.

Here are four healthy reasons why the health experts at Roots Pressed Juices agree that all-natural juice is a great weight loss tool:

1)     Juicing curbs your appetite

Juicing acts as a natural, risk-free appetite suppressant. Roots Pressed Juices bottles a large quantity of raw fruits and vegetables in every juice drink, leaving you surprisingly full after a serving. Instead of snacking in between meals, drink fresh juice 20 minutes before every meal to sustain weight loss. It will curb your hunger and provide you with energy-boosting nutrients at the same time.

2)    Juicing cleanses your body and provides you with more energy

In our daily lives, we absorb harmful chemicals in our food, in the air, in the water, and so on. Although certain organs are designed to filter and dispose of waste, toxins can still build up in our body and make us more susceptible to chronic disease. When we juice for weight loss, our bodies no longer have to digest solid foods and can more effectively release the toxins from our system. A cleaner digestive tract results in more energy, which increases our likelihood to burn calories and lose weight.

3)    Juicing can help boost your metabolism

Raw fruits and vegetables have the antioxidants that your body needs to boost your cellular metabolism, i.e. the process in which your body transforms food into energy. The natural sugars found in antioxidant-packed fresh fruit are also good for the metabolism of your heart, liver and kidney. If you’re feeling extra bold, add hot ground spices to your juice recipe for weight loss. Spices like cayenne, pepper and cinnamon will give your juice a zesty kick and also help to stimulate your metabolism.

4)    Juicing has minimal calorie and sugar intake

Health experts agree that the intake of fresh, all-natural juice does result in weight loss. Though it’s in large part due to the loss of ‘water weight,’ there’s no denying that juicing is low in fatty calorie and sugar count. A proper juice cleanse should provide you with the daily recommended 1200 calories, the equivalent of what the average person burns per day. ‘Greens’ based juices are especially low in calories and high in nutrients as they include a great deal of water-heavy vegetables like celery and cucumber.

If you’re interested in juice as a weight loss tool, contact Roots Pressed Juices at 888.666.0290 or contact them on their website.

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