Advice from Standish When Purchasing Salon Equipment

Thinking about purchasing some salon equipment? We found this article on Standish Salon Goods’ website that will help you narrow down your search. The wonderful people at Standish realize a big part of the decision-making process is narrowing down whether you’re going to purchase custom-made or ready-to-ship furniture for your salon.

Here’s what Standish has to say about Custom Salon Equipment:

If you have a specific look in mind, building custom salon equipment might be an option. Custom furniture can give you the exact look you’re wanting, but at a price. Whether you hire a general contractor or a salon equipment company that offers custom pieces, you’ll be looking at much higher price points. Additionally, custom jobs can often take months, not even taking into account any unforeseen delays.

Often times, custom salon equipment does not come with a warranty, meaning if your equipment fails in the next couple of years, you are expected to cover the cost of replacement equipment.

Some companies have a tendency to cut corners when it comes to building quality pieces. Be sure to ask contractors about the lifespan of drawer glides, resistance of materials to heat, the porosity of surfaces (think color staining), and cabinet hinges that are able to withstand everyday salon and spa use.

Although there are some good points to custom-made equipment, the ready-to-ship salon equipment, such as that of Standish Salon Goods themselves, is the easier and more hassle-free choice. Here’s why they think so:

If you have a certain look you’re hoping to bring to your salon, you can often find ready-made salon equipment that can bring your salon dreams to life. Ready-to-ship salon equipment is cost-effective, and can often arrive within 7-10 business days of purchasing. So, it’s ready when you are!

Many companies that offer ready-to-ship products are constantly updating their line to stay on trend, and the selection is often varied from trendy to classic or modern. Whatever your style, you can easily find something that already exists that conveys your look.

Standish salon equipment is made with industrial-grade hinges and full-extension drawer pulls and that will last, on average, about 5-10 times longer than what’s available through a general contractor. And if something does fail, our products are covered under warranty. Taking the time to ensure that the salon equipment you purchase will last is what Standish all about.”

The ready-to-ship salon equipment available at Standish has the high-quality to match that of custom-made furniture, but at a fraction of the cost. It would be a shame to miss out on the great furniture they have to offer! Visit to view all the uncommonly cool furniture they have to offer.

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