Salon Space Planning: A Breeze at Standish Salon Goods

Setting up your first salon, or are you just wanting to revamp the one you’re currently in? At Standish Salon Goods you have assistance with salon space planning, from the first piece of furniture you purchase, to your opening day. They’ll assist you throughout whatever help you need during the process of planning the layout of your salon, be it picking out which furniture matches your style or color templates, or deciding where each individual station should be set up.

The lovely people at Standish know that sometimes figuring out the right furniture for your salon, and laying it out is more easy said than done. Narrowing it down to one station and chair for the entire salon can be a difficult decision, then having to do the rest of the salon space planning on top of it is another hurdle to jump. Especially with all of the furniture at Standish to choose from, making the final decision is a difficult one, because picking your favorite is always a tough choice. Thankfully, through all of these decisions, Standish is there to help.

The inside of Standish’s new Salon Furniture Showroom in Dallas 

If you call in or come in for a salon furniture showroom appointment, send in or bring along your salon blueprints, and you will get one-on-one salon space planning consulting on which salon styling stations and salon styling chairs will best suit the layout of your floor. The Standish staff has a great sense for laying out and matching furniture together, and can be a great deal of help in deciding which furniture to choose for your salon.

Here’s one example of how Standish can help you be space-efficent and stylish at the same time: in salons that have a limited amount of space to fit in shampoo areas and styling areas, the Woodrow Wet Parlor salon furniture package might help out. It has a shampoo bowl and station all in one with the Seattle Wellington wet station, and the Woodrow all-purpose salon chair that conserve all the space you might need to shampoo and cut, but still with some of the most classy furniture available to do so. Or if that isn’t your style, you can load up on double-sided salon styling stations to make space more efficient for your stylists, and still maintain a very sleek style in your salon! Either way, you’re left with two very stylish options for salon space planning tailored to fit your exact needs.

Whether you want to fill the interior of your room, or line the walls with styling stations, Standish has the right piece of furniture to fill your needs. The variety of furniture you will find at Standish will make your salon space planning a breeze, and the prices that you can get it at is even better! Call, chat, or stop by Standish today to start on your journey to the most stylish salon in town!

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