Boerne Texas Real Estate at Cordillera Ranch

Boerne Texas real estate, like the lovely homes available at Cordillera Ranch, just keeps getting better. Not only was Texas, particularly the Hill Country area, less affected by the overall economic downturn in recent years, but Texas is also one of the few states to actually increase its total number of jobs over the last six years. In fact more than half of the new jobs in the entire country were created right here in Texas.

On top of all that, Boerne Texas real estate remains popular for a variety of reasons including the increasing productivity of the Eagle Ford Shale, a massive oil and natural gas deposit that is quickly becoming one of the most active areas of the world in terms of production of natural resources and newfound wealth for area landowners eager to stake their claim in the Texas Hill Country. Cordillera Ranch has been one of the most attractive luxury neighborhoods and continues to impress those new to the area.

In addition to the Eagle Ford prosperity, Cordillera Ranch is also perceived as a safe haven for the influx of population migrating to the area from Northern Mexico and the border areas of South Texas due to the violence and instability of those areas. These factors, combined with the general economic stability and growth in the Texas Hill Country, make Boerne Texas real estate at Cordillera Ranch one of the smartest and most desirable purchases available today.

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