Fence and Deck Staining in Dallas

Living in Dallas, the natural beauty of the wood used to build your fence and deck is going to wear off from the strength of that bright Texas sun. Luckily, wood staining is available to you to fix that problem. But if you don’t know how to stain wood, what do you do? Easy: Call CertaPro Painters, who offer fence and deck staining in Dallas.

The CertaPro painters have been trained to know how to deal with not only internal home and office painting, but also wood staining. Depending on where the wood is, and it’s likelihood of being in direct sunlight, they will help you decide which type of stain to use on the wood. There are different types of stain: clear and transparent, and then semi-transparent and solid colored.

The more clear types of stains make it easy to see the natural color and texture of the wood. However, for fence and deck staining in Dallas, these lighter stains are more of a hassle when chosen. Because the sunlight in Texas is so strong throughout the majority of the year, clear and transparent stains need to be repeatedly coated, costing more.

For fence and deck staining in Dallas, a majority of the time, the best choice will be semi-transparent and solid stains, that will protect and create a more durable wood to withstand the sunlight. With a first coat to protect the wood, and a second to resist moisture and UV rays, you’ll be good to go, even through the rough Texas summers!

If your fence and deck wood aren’t protected yet, give CertaPro a call, and they will get the job done right. They are the most reliable for fence and deck staining in Dallas in addition to some of the best internal and external home painting services. Call 214-380-4717 or visit http://central-dallas.certapro.com/ today!

Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays with CertaPro

Fall is here and in full swing. Getting your home ready for the holidays has never been easier with help from CertaPro Painters. Whether you need fresh paint in the guest bedrooms or bathrooms, new colors in the living room or an updated exterior color, CertaPro Painters of Dallas are experienced and professional. They have established and maintained a reputation for excellent customer service and top quality work.

Getting your home ready for the holidays includes prepping guest rooms, bathrooms and common rooms to accommodate friends and family. November is the best time to get fresh paint on the walls in your home. Fall and Winter is also the best time for exterior house painting. The cooler temperatures make for a better environment for the paint to dry properly and quickly.

The holiday season can be stressful, but with painting services from CertaPro you can expect to receive timely service and a commitment to excellence and trust. Your home can gain a warm, inviting atmosphere with the use of color and textures. CertaPro of Dallas not only offers painting but also wallpaper removal and texturing services. They can offer some of the best quality prices in Dallas, along with great suggestions for decor and design choices.

For all of your holiday gathering preparations and updates, CertaPro is fully equipped to help you get your home ready. With an extensive portfolio in Highland Park, University Park, Lakewood, North Dallas, White Rock Lake, Carrollton, Irving and surrounding areas, past and present customers are satisfied with the service and warranty from CertaPro Painters.

Call CertaPro today at 214-380-4717 to get a free painting estimate for all your holiday needs or visit them online at http://central-dallas.certapro.com/


Dallas Painters

CertaPro has the best Dallas painters in the business. In the DFW area, there are many options when it comes to choosing the right painter for the job. CertaPro Painters of Dallas have completed over 400 jobs in the last three years, gaining most of their business through word of mouth and a great reputation. With high professional standards, they are committed to honest communication and quality work.

The Dallas painters specialize in exterior and interior painting for both commercial and residential places. They have been hired by some of Dallas’ most well known businesses and residences in Lakewood, Highland Park, North Dallas and White Rock Lake Area. However, no job is too big or too small for CertaPro. Everything from wallpaper removal to texturing to color consultations, CertaPro is a great option for any home or office renovation. They use the best paint materials including Sherwin Williams newest line of eco-friendly paints.

CertaPro Painters also offers small interior and exterior repairs and improvements including texturing, drywall, stains and power washing. The Dallas painters have lived in the area for over 20 years and want to remain well connected to Dallas residents and businesses. Their reputation is important to them and so is their quality of work. With competitive prices and a two-year warranty on all work, they do everything they can to keep their past and future customers happy in their homes and offices.

If you are interested in the latest painting and renovation trends, CertaPro of Dallas can help you with any project. Color trends are always changing and with each new season comes new colors, techniques and textures. CertaPro works directly with painting suppliers to stay ahead of the trends, technologies and colors.

Dallas painters at CertaPro are reliable, honest and trustworthy. It is important to choose painters who have a solid reputation in the greater Dallas area so you can depend on their work. To learn more about CertaPro of Dallas visit central-dallas.certapro.com or call 214-380-4717.

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Why choose CertaPro Painters?

In a city as big as Dallas, there are many options for painters. Finding the right Dallas residential and commercial painters can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. CertaPro has been in business in the Dallas area since 2001, completing hundreds of residential and commercial jobs. Customers collectively are impressed with the professionalism, warranty, and level of work done by Central and North Dallas CertaPro Painters.

DFW area painters are large in numbers, which makes the prescreening process difficult when choosing a painter for the desired job. Five Star PaintingPhillips Painting and other Dallas painters do not offer the same quality of service that CertaPro provides.

Photo Courtesy of Central-Dallas CertaPro

CertaPro offers the following:

1. Insurance – CertaPro Painters are fully insured. If anything happens on a job, the customer is not held responsible.
2. Written Contracts and Proposals – Everything is in writing before a job is contracted: No questions, no surprises.
3. Two year warranty – Customers can call for a missed spot or a problem area within 2 years of the original work.

Residential services from CertaPro are well above standards starting with a full preparation and cleaning process. All surfaces receive a full prep treatment to ensure the best painting service.

Preston Hollow and University Park residents have consistently chosen CertaPro to be their painter for residential jobs. Additionally, CertaPro has partnered with Linda Fritschy, a well-known interior designer in the Dallas area. Linda offers professional color consultations to CertaPro customers at a small charge, if you need or want a professional opinion for your color needs.

Renovation projects have seen a rise in the last couple of years and CertaPro is a great resource when you want to change or improve the decor of your home. They are trained in small and large repairs of drywall, wallpaper removal and texturing services. Their reputation is very important to them because they value what their customers are saying about their services. Customer referrals make up a large portion of their business and that speaks volumes to the quality of their work. Their past and current customers speak highly of the professional painting services from CertaPro Painters.

Dallas area CertaPro Painters
 live and work in the Dallas community, which makes it very important for them to show up on time, maintain good communication with past and present clients and deliver what is in the written proposals and contracts. They want their customers happy and satisfied with every job, whether big or small. They continually exceed the expectations, which is why they are the best house painters and commercial painters in North Dallas.

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