Eco-friendly Painters in Dallas

Now more than ever it is important to know exactly what is in the products you use in your home. Using non-toxic paint products are safer, more durable and more sustainable than traditional paints on the market. The demand for eco-friendly products has risen and the best eco-friendly painters in Dallas, from CertaPro, have the right tools and products to keep your home environment safe for you and your family.

Earlier this year, Sherwin Williams added two new lines of eco-friendly products to their collection. Most paints derive from volatile organic compounds, or VOCs which emit chemicals during the drying process that contribute to indoor air pollution. The Sherwin Williams new eco-friendly line helps emit the minimal odor and blocks the growth of mildew and mold on the paint film. It also helps prevent stains from water over time. The exterior paints are extraordinary in preventing blistering, peeling, chalking, fading, mildew and dirt build-up.


VOC can contain benzene, formaldehyde, toluene and xylene, all chemicals that can cause cancer or nervous system problems. A low VOC content is better for the environment, better for your home and longer lasting on the painting surfaces. CertaPro Painters are fully versed in the benefits of eco-friendly painting in Dallas.

CertaPro Painters are the best eco-friendly painters in Dallas. They are knowledgable on Low VOC and No VOC paints, which are great alternatives to traditional painting products. Sherwin Williams eco-friendly efforts don’t stop at the paint products. They recycle the stretch wrap used during the shipping process and they streamlined the national distribution to reduce energy consumption.

“At Sherwin-Williams, we believe that being environmentally responsible goes well beyond the product formulation. We have established our own sustainability initiative called “EcoVision.” EcoVision is a company-wide approach to look at all aspects of our business and see where we can become more environmentally responsible,” said Steve Revnew, director of product development at Sherwin-Williams.

While you are considering your options for painting needs, call CertaPro, the best eco-friendly painters in Dallas. CertaPro does extensive work with Low and No VOC paints, and in fact as Sherwin williams largest customer, they provide these low cost options for all their customers. Visit their website to view their gallery or chat with them about their eco-friendly offerings.

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