Wallpaper Removal Services in Dallas

(Photo courtesy of CertaPro)

Wallpaper removal is relatively easy if the surface was treated properly before installation and a standard adhesive was used. CertaPro Painters provide wallpaper removal services in Dallas. The process starts with the use of a wallpaper steamer. Moisture is the key to easily removing wallpaper, because water helps to break the bond of the old adhesive. A commercial wallpaper remover with liquid enzymes produces the best results. It breaks down the adhesive structure, making the removal process much easier.

CertaPro Painters in Dallas, have the highest quality of wallpaper removal products. They can determine how much product and how much moisture to use. The amount of water is important because you want to make sure the moisture breaks down the adhesive without damaging the wall surface underneath. Sometimes the water doesn’t penetrate through the paper unless you break up the outer surface of the paper. CertaPro Painters are professional, experienced and fully insured. Your CertaPro representative can easily remove your wallpaper and apply texture, primer and paint to complete the project and update the aesthetic look.

The two most popular types of texturing are “orange peel” and “knock-down”. “Orange peel” appears much like an orange peel, by splattering thinned drywall onto the wall. A “knock-down” texture is similar to the “orange peel”, after the splattering process starts to set, it is gently smoothed to flatten some of the larger splatters.

Once the texture process is complete, CertaPro Painters will apply a primer coat and then proceed with the paint color of choice. Their wall texturing services in Dallas are thorough and consistent, giving you the best painting service and experience. Their standard of excellence and customer service help provide you a great way to change the look of a room in a short time.

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