Advice from Standish When Purchasing Salon Equipment

Thinking about purchasing some salon equipment? We found this article on Standish Salon Goods’ website that will help you narrow down your search. The wonderful people at Standish realize a big part of the decision-making process is narrowing down whether you’re going to purchase custom-made or ready-to-ship furniture for your salon.

Here’s what Standish has to say about Custom Salon Equipment:

If you have a specific look in mind, building custom salon equipment might be an option. Custom furniture can give you the exact look you’re wanting, but at a price. Whether you hire a general contractor or a salon equipment company that offers custom pieces, you’ll be looking at much higher price points. Additionally, custom jobs can often take months, not even taking into account any unforeseen delays.

Often times, custom salon equipment does not come with a warranty, meaning if your equipment fails in the next couple of years, you are expected to cover the cost of replacement equipment.

Some companies have a tendency to cut corners when it comes to building quality pieces. Be sure to ask contractors about the lifespan of drawer glides, resistance of materials to heat, the porosity of surfaces (think color staining), and cabinet hinges that are able to withstand everyday salon and spa use.

Although there are some good points to custom-made equipment, the ready-to-ship salon equipment, such as that of Standish Salon Goods themselves, is the easier and more hassle-free choice. Here’s why they think so:

If you have a certain look you’re hoping to bring to your salon, you can often find ready-made salon equipment that can bring your salon dreams to life. Ready-to-ship salon equipment is cost-effective, and can often arrive within 7-10 business days of purchasing. So, it’s ready when you are!

Many companies that offer ready-to-ship products are constantly updating their line to stay on trend, and the selection is often varied from trendy to classic or modern. Whatever your style, you can easily find something that already exists that conveys your look.

Standish salon equipment is made with industrial-grade hinges and full-extension drawer pulls and that will last, on average, about 5-10 times longer than what’s available through a general contractor. And if something does fail, our products are covered under warranty. Taking the time to ensure that the salon equipment you purchase will last is what Standish all about.”

The ready-to-ship salon equipment available at Standish has the high-quality to match that of custom-made furniture, but at a fraction of the cost. It would be a shame to miss out on the great furniture they have to offer! Visit to view all the uncommonly cool furniture they have to offer.

Salon Space Planning: A Breeze at Standish Salon Goods

Setting up your first salon, or are you just wanting to revamp the one you’re currently in? At Standish Salon Goods you have assistance with salon space planning, from the first piece of furniture you purchase, to your opening day. They’ll assist you throughout whatever help you need during the process of planning the layout of your salon, be it picking out which furniture matches your style or color templates, or deciding where each individual station should be set up.

The lovely people at Standish know that sometimes figuring out the right furniture for your salon, and laying it out is more easy said than done. Narrowing it down to one station and chair for the entire salon can be a difficult decision, then having to do the rest of the salon space planning on top of it is another hurdle to jump. Especially with all of the furniture at Standish to choose from, making the final decision is a difficult one, because picking your favorite is always a tough choice. Thankfully, through all of these decisions, Standish is there to help.

The inside of Standish’s new Salon Furniture Showroom in Dallas 

If you call in or come in for a salon furniture showroom appointment, send in or bring along your salon blueprints, and you will get one-on-one salon space planning consulting on which salon styling stations and salon styling chairs will best suit the layout of your floor. The Standish staff has a great sense for laying out and matching furniture together, and can be a great deal of help in deciding which furniture to choose for your salon.

Here’s one example of how Standish can help you be space-efficent and stylish at the same time: in salons that have a limited amount of space to fit in shampoo areas and styling areas, the Woodrow Wet Parlor salon furniture package might help out. It has a shampoo bowl and station all in one with the Seattle Wellington wet station, and the Woodrow all-purpose salon chair that conserve all the space you might need to shampoo and cut, but still with some of the most classy furniture available to do so. Or if that isn’t your style, you can load up on double-sided salon styling stations to make space more efficient for your stylists, and still maintain a very sleek style in your salon! Either way, you’re left with two very stylish options for salon space planning tailored to fit your exact needs.

Whether you want to fill the interior of your room, or line the walls with styling stations, Standish has the right piece of furniture to fill your needs. The variety of furniture you will find at Standish will make your salon space planning a breeze, and the prices that you can get it at is even better! Call, chat, or stop by Standish today to start on your journey to the most stylish salon in town!

Salon Floor Plans Put Together by Standish

Planning out your salon’s design can be difficult, because you never know how big your furniture will be, or how much of it you’re going to need. Standish Salon Goods understands that, so they offer help to their customers with salon floor plans when they are picking out their furniture.

At Standish, they have a wide variety of salon styling stations and chairs, as well as other things such as shampoo units and dryer units. It’s a salon owners paradise, but finding a way to put all of their furniture into salon floor plans is a bit more difficult. That’s why, when you come in or call for your furniture consultation, you can bring in the blueprints for your salon, and they’ll assist you in laying out your stations, chairs and accessories.

If you’re planning a salon with tight floor space, then Standish can help you create a space-efficent atmosphere complete with wall-mounted stations to conserve the floor used. If you don’t have a lot of wall room, then you can get set up with double-sided stations to place in the middle of the salon. Standish will create salon floor plans that maximize the space in your salon, still with the most comfortable flow possible.

Salon owners who have already purchased either their stations or their chairs can come to Standish to find the partner for that piece, and fit it into salon floor plans. Take a photo and bring a room layout, and they will walk you through the steps of finding the perfect match for the pieces you already have.

Check out the Cortege on Canal salon furniture package from Standish

Check out the salon furniture packages on the Standish website, and see if any of them fit the vibe you’re trying to achieve in your salon. Choose your favorite, and let the great folks at Standish walk you through the best way to lay out your salon floor plans! Also, if you visit their Dallas salon furniture showroom, you can see for yourself the way that the package sets look together to create the atmosphere you’re trying to achieve.

Standish knows salons, and are experts in creating the ideal salon floor plans to perfectly represent your style! Give them a call or chat today, and you’ll have the most stylish salon in no time!

Salon Design Consulting: Another Reason to Love Standish

Don’t spend thousands on an interior designer when you can get help creating your salon space planning for free! When you purchase your salon furniture from Standish Salon Goods, you can also get salon design consulting from one of their experienced salon furniture sales representatives.

When you call or chat with a member of the Standish team, you’ll forget you’re talking to a sales person. With keen eyes for salon design consulting and interior design detail, they can help you piece together the vision you want to represent in your salon. Bring in your ideas or inspirations, and they’ll do everything they can to match the look and feel of that inspiration.

Standish’s salon design consulting procedures start with you. They’ll take you step-by-step through the online store, helping you to find the perfect furniture to fill your space with, whether it’s from one of their fabulous pre-designed salon furniture packages or a unique combination of their stations and chairs.

A Modern Oasis, one of the fabulous packages from Standish Salon Goods

With seven packages available on their site, you can have a solid starting point of what your salon could potentially be transformed into. The packages start at prices as low as $488, and are all complete with a chair, station, and mat. Standish offers styling stations as well as wet stations for those who need to conserve space while offering shampoo services. Each package comes with free shipping AND an additional 5% off of the price of the entire package!

If none of their packages fit the vibe you’re going for, the nice people at Standish will talk you through picking out the perfect chair, station and accessory combination that can get you to the place you want to be! The entire Standish Staff has extensive knowledge of all the furniture they offer, so allow them to do what they do best and help you design your dream salon.

Want to take a seat in those cute styling chairs before you purchase? They just opened up a salon showroom in Dallas, Texas and are ready for visitors! Don’t waste anymore time dreaming up a salon, and let the salon design consulting experts at Standish help you out!

Creating a Unique Salon Design with Standish Salon Goods

So, you’ve got the hairdressers and an awesome salon space, but you’re not sure where to go from there? Standish Salon Goods has on trend, durable salon furniture at some of the market’s lowest prices to help you with your salon design.

Standish has a modern selection of salon stations and chairs, at some of the lowest prices you can find. They offer pre-designed salon furniture packages for you to choose from and to help spark inspiration for salon design. The salon design packages have prices as low as $488 for a chair, station, and mat!

The awesome sales representatives at Standish will take you through a step-by-step salon design process building your salon with stations, chairs and decor. The staff at Standish has experience in helping customers build unique salons that represent any style.

If you live in or near the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can visit the Standish Salon Showroom, where you can see for yourself the combinations of stations and chairs they have set up into salon design samples! They have both examples of their pre-designed salon furniture packages from their website and different combinations of other stations and chairs set up, so customers can get a feel for a variety of different setups.

Salon de Paris Salon Furniture Package from Standish Salon Goods

One example of a classier salon design is the Salon de Paris! You’ll find it both online on the packages page, or in their salon showroom in Dallas. The package includes the Rutherford salon styling chair, and the Paris Triomphe salon station, two of the most classic pieces of salon furniture at Standish.

If you want to see what Standish has to offer, don’t hesitate! Call them today, and they will assist you in creating an awesome salon design that’s different than any other salon your customers have ever been to.

Find the Best Salon Furniture Packages at Standish Salon Goods

Need a one-stop shop for all your salon goods? Standish Salon Goods has over 7 salon furniture packages for you to choose from including chairs, stations and mats for all your salon offerings and decor preferences.

For the salon owner on a budget, the Cortège on Canal is a great option when considering Salon Furniture Packages. Included in this package is the Veronica Salon Styling Chair and Soho Loft salon styling stationBoth the chair and station are some of the most unique pieces of furniture at the lowest prices of chairs and stations on the market. You can get the station, chair AND a styling mat for less than $500. There’s not many other places where you can find a deal like that! 

Not enough room for a shampoo area and a styling area? Not to worry. With the Woodrow Wet Parlor salon furniture package, you can get everything done that you need to, in an extremely stylish fashion. The Woodrow all-purpose chair is durable through cutting and washing, and the Seattle Wellington salon styling station has everything you need in one place: sink, mirror, appliance holders, and ample counter space. It’s a wet station dream made a reality.


One of the most high-end salon furniture packages on the market is the Barber Shop salon furniture package. Complete with the London salon styling stationMr. William Rufus barber chair, and a mat, this package is perfect for the vibe of a classic barber shop. Clients will feel like the most important person in the world when they sit down to be pampered, and they’ll be coming back for more. 

Standish’s products and salon furniture packages are the highest quality at the best price on the market. With monthly specials and discounts, you’re sure to find the salon package you’re looking for, while staying within your budget. The competition doesn’t even compare, so why go anywhere else to furnish the salon of your dreams? Give them a call or chat today! 

The Most Trendy Salon Furniture, Available at Standish Salon Goods

Furnishing a salon can be both fun and stressful, due to the many things you have to do to prepare for your opening. There’s one place that can help you relax and take care of the worry for you, Standish Salon Goods. The elegant and trendy salon furniture at Standish Salon Goods will help you to achieve a welcoming and relaxing environment for your customers, while still satisfying your artistic cravings. 

Salon furniture can be dull with basic shapes and designs, and no ‘pop’ to the colors or designs. At Standish, that’s not a concern. With some of the most modern looks and feels to their chairs and stations, a chic vibe is easily within reach. Their trendy salon furniture is the most cutting edge on the salon furniture market. Each chair and station have something about them that just pop, making them memorable in their own special ways, which is good for both them and you. 

If you want unique shapes and sharp (but not dangerous, of course) corners, check out the Veronica Salon Styling Chair. With high-quality upholstery and chrome-finished arms and base, she’s a very unique chair you’ll find on the market, at a very affordable price. And, when it comes to stations, the Miami Causeway salon styling station is one of the most trendy salon furniture pieces, with its brushed chrome details and geometrically unique. These two pieces of salon furniture are not only different and stick in your mind, but they’re found at the salon furniture company that will do exactly the same, in the best way possible, of course!

The best part about all of this trendy salon furniture? The even better price. Some chairs similar to the ones at Standish can retail for up to $600 or even more, but you can get them for as low as $169. By removing the element of paper catalogues, and keeping it online, they are able to keep costs down for the consumer. Also, by buying straight from the manufacture, the middle man cost is eliminated, making the purchase and delivery process quicker and cheaper!
Call (888) 271-8434 or visit their website to start furnishing your dream salon today!

Great Looking and Affordable Salon Furniture from Standish Salon Goods

Affordable Salon Furniture is hard to come by, especially when you want to find the perfect look–the one you’ve been dreaming of. At Standish Salon Goods, you can furnish your salon the way you’ve envisioned it, and still have a little cash to spare. Enjoy their wide variety of styles, at the lowest prices on the market. 

With the prices of a salon styling chair going for such high prices, up in the $500 range, Standish is going to offer you some of those same chairs, at prices as low as $169. And stations? They’ve got plenty. With retail prices soaring well over $1000 for some, Standish offers their stations to you at much lower prices, down to $150 for select stations. Affordable salon furniture will never look and feel as great as this to your eyes and your wallet. 

If you want to furnish a whole salon, Standish is prepared to help you save money while you do it! They have packages available to you with a chair, a station, and a mat, at the lowest price possible, plus a 5% discount on the entire package. Choose from any of the 7 salon furniture packages, and add an extra chair or station to whichever package you choose, and you’ll still get 5% off of your entire order!

Standish can provide you with such affordable salon furniture because they cut costs that other companies don’t always consider. By having all of their products online, and not sending out a catalog, they are able to keep your cost as low as possible. Also, they work directly with the manufacturer, so the middle-man costs are completely gone. It’s straight from the manufacturer to you!

As if all the low costs of their affordable salon furniture isn’t a good enough deal, they run offers every month that will nearly always get you free shipping or a discount. The goal of Standish Salon Goods is to make everything affordable for you, so the only worries you have will be the hair that you’re cutting. 
Call (888) 271-8434 or visit to start furnishing your dream salon today!

Standish Salon Goods: For all Your Salon Furniture Needs

Standish Salon Goods is the perfect place to furnish a salon, with their wide variety of modern and cool salon furniture. They will supply you with everything you could possibly need to make your salon the most stylish and unique there is. 

Though the products at Standish Salon Goods focus most of their attention on hair salon equipment, that’s not all they offer. For nail salons, they have nail tables such as the Marianne Manicure Table available in three different colors, and at a very affordable price. For spas that offer facials, the Landon Facial Bed is a great choice to allow your customers to relax in while you make them glow. 

Any salon can find something they need at Standish Salon Goods, but when you’re a hair stylist or salon owner, this is the jackpot for your furniture needs. Need a salon styling chair? They have 12 for you to choose from, in up to four colors Each. Want a salon styling station? Check out all 14 of them, available for some in back-to-back and single stations, or in oak, chocolate, or black. If you need shampoo unit or dryer units, many of the chairs come in dryer or shampoo form, so you can match your dryers and shampoo units to your styling chairs. All of the Standish products are throughly inspected, and made of the highest quality, so you don’t have to be weary about what your customers will be sitting in. 

At Standish, purchasing your salon equipment is simple and quick. You can order online, or call their number, and they’ll do everything for you! Not only do they make it easy, but they’ll be helpful and positive the entire way. If you don’t know what exactly you want, or how to make a perfect package, they’ll help you build your dream salon, and give you a package discount! 

There’s a little something for everyone in the salon and spa industry at Standish Salon Goods, and they’re almost always running a promotion that gives you free shipping or a discount. Don’t let you or your salon miss out on all that Standish has to offer! 
Call (888) 271-8434 or visit to start furnishing your dream salon today!
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