Find the Best Salon Furniture Packages at Standish Salon Goods

Need a one-stop shop for all your salon goods? Standish Salon Goods has over 7 salon furniture packages for you to choose from including chairs, stations and mats for all your salon offerings and decor preferences.

For the salon owner on a budget, the Cortège on Canal is a great option when considering Salon Furniture Packages. Included in this package is the Veronica Salon Styling Chair and Soho Loft salon styling stationBoth the chair and station are some of the most unique pieces of furniture at the lowest prices of chairs and stations on the market. You can get the station, chair AND a styling mat for less than $500. There’s not many other places where you can find a deal like that! 

Not enough room for a shampoo area and a styling area? Not to worry. With the Woodrow Wet Parlor salon furniture package, you can get everything done that you need to, in an extremely stylish fashion. The Woodrow all-purpose chair is durable through cutting and washing, and the Seattle Wellington salon styling station has everything you need in one place: sink, mirror, appliance holders, and ample counter space. It’s a wet station dream made a reality.


One of the most high-end salon furniture packages on the market is the Barber Shop salon furniture package. Complete with the London salon styling stationMr. William Rufus barber chair, and a mat, this package is perfect for the vibe of a classic barber shop. Clients will feel like the most important person in the world when they sit down to be pampered, and they’ll be coming back for more. 

Standish’s products and salon furniture packages are the highest quality at the best price on the market. With monthly specials and discounts, you’re sure to find the salon package you’re looking for, while staying within your budget. The competition doesn’t even compare, so why go anywhere else to furnish the salon of your dreams? Give them a call or chat today! 

The Most Trendy Salon Furniture, Available at Standish Salon Goods

Furnishing a salon can be both fun and stressful, due to the many things you have to do to prepare for your opening. There’s one place that can help you relax and take care of the worry for you, Standish Salon Goods. The elegant and trendy salon furniture at Standish Salon Goods will help you to achieve a welcoming and relaxing environment for your customers, while still satisfying your artistic cravings. 

Salon furniture can be dull with basic shapes and designs, and no ‘pop’ to the colors or designs. At Standish, that’s not a concern. With some of the most modern looks and feels to their chairs and stations, a chic vibe is easily within reach. Their trendy salon furniture is the most cutting edge on the salon furniture market. Each chair and station have something about them that just pop, making them memorable in their own special ways, which is good for both them and you. 

If you want unique shapes and sharp (but not dangerous, of course) corners, check out the Veronica Salon Styling Chair. With high-quality upholstery and chrome-finished arms and base, she’s a very unique chair you’ll find on the market, at a very affordable price. And, when it comes to stations, the Miami Causeway salon styling station is one of the most trendy salon furniture pieces, with its brushed chrome details and geometrically unique. These two pieces of salon furniture are not only different and stick in your mind, but they’re found at the salon furniture company that will do exactly the same, in the best way possible, of course!

The best part about all of this trendy salon furniture? The even better price. Some chairs similar to the ones at Standish can retail for up to $600 or even more, but you can get them for as low as $169. By removing the element of paper catalogues, and keeping it online, they are able to keep costs down for the consumer. Also, by buying straight from the manufacture, the middle man cost is eliminated, making the purchase and delivery process quicker and cheaper!
Call (888) 271-8434 or visit their website to start furnishing your dream salon today!
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