Urgent Care in Colleyville

When it comes to urgent care, Colleyville has a rather limited number of options for helping children in need of urgent medical attention. Not only are the closest hospitals miles away, but even if you go to one, a trip to the emergency room could involve hours of waiting in around other people in need of immediate care, only to see a doctor who’s not a pediatrician. That’s what makes Urgent Care for Kids so amazing. You get extremely high-quality medical attention from experienced pediatricians. If you live in Colleyville, there’s simply no better option for dealing with those late-night or weekend situations that don’t quite warrant emergency care, but still require medical attention.

Urgent Care for Kids has locations in both Colleyville and Keller. They accept most types of insurance and you don’t need an appointment. They’ll even send a full summary of your child’s visit to your regular doctor to keep them informed of all pertinent information. And if it is determined that your child needs to be admitted to a hospital, they will contact your primary care physician and arrange for admission to the appropriate facility.

For Colleyville parents, the benefits of Urgent Care for Kids are obvious as soon as you walk in the door. Everything from the child-friendly waiting room to the pediatrics-specific staff helps make the process as pleasant and efficient as possible. Any visit to the doctor is stressful and difficult, for both parents and children, but they go out of their way to provide top-notch care and put you and your kids at ease. They’ve also got a full range of on-site diagnostic equipment such as x-ray and a full lab, as well as other rehabilitative and prescription services.

Always keep in mind that if you’re ever unsure about whether you should take your child to Urgent Care for Kids or an emergency room, go to the emergency room. The doctors at Urgent Care for Kids would never want you to take any chances, but if you’re sure the ER is unnecessary then Urgent Care for Kids is by far your best option.

To learn more about Urgent Care in Colleyville, visit urgentcarekids.com or call 817-485-6000 today.

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