Urgent Care for Keller Kids… And Adults!

If you need urgent care in Keller, the absolute best place to go is Urgent Care for Kids. As the name implies, Urgent Care for Kids is devoted to providing high quality pediatric health care services when your normal pediatrician is unavailable. But even though Urgent Care for Kids was founded because of a lack of urgent pediatric care in the DFW area they are still more than qualified to take care of any other urgent care needs, even for grown ups. So if you and your kid both get sick in the night or get scraped up playing in backyard, Urgent Care for Kids can get help you both.

Conveniently located on Keller Pkwy in Keller, TX, Urgent Care for Kids is about 15 minutes north of I-820 and about 20 minutes west of DFW Airport. Basically, if you live anywhere near Keller, Urgent Care for Kids is the place to go when you’re faced with those terrifying sleepless nights that every parent has to deal with. Whether it a high fever, a nasty cough or a boo-boo that might be more like a minor laceration, Urgent Care for Kids will get you patched up and back in bed.

Perhaps the best thing about having an urgent care center in Keller is that is simply gives you another option. Until now, the choice has been either wait until morning (or worse, until Monday) and hope it doesn’t escalate, OR take you kid to the ER… where you’ll both have to wait for hours with other sick and bleeding people. Urgent Care for Kids is a happy medium. They’ll even put together a full report to take to your regular doctor and send it over when they open up in the morning.

If you have any questions or just want to learn more Urgent Care for Kids–especially if you live in Keller–visit urgentcarekids.com or call 682-593-0191.

(And you should probably go ahead and save that number to your phone!)

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Pediatric Urgent Care Made Convenient

A soaring fever or a terrible fall doesn’t always happen between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. That’s where Urgent Care for Kids steps in.

When most pediatricians’ offices are closed, the Keller business provides medical services, including X-rays, EKGs and lab work, for newborns to 18-year-olds. The walk-in clinic give parents the best option of pediatric urgent care Keller families have available on nights and weekends.

“You come to something like this, you want to leave the doctor knowing what you’ve got,” explained Brian White, co-owner of the business, which also has a location in Colleyville.Keller is home to about 40,000 people and Urgent Care for Kids is proud to serve the families within the community.

The businesses also offer some preventative care, like flu shots, and provide camp and sports physicals for children.

White said he wants to provide a welcoming environment for everyone who comes through the door. The waiting area and exam rooms provide distractions, such as books, for children to make them feel more comfortable. On the walls of the waiting room are flat-screen TVs. One shows cartoons for kids; the other displays news for parents. There is also Wi-Fi.

White worked in medical real estate for about six years and has more recently visited emergency rooms and pediatrician offices with his infant son. Those experiences have helped him hone what he wants for his Urgent Care for Kids clinics.

“Through [that work], I got exposed to all sorts of different types of hospitals and urgent cares, and everything you can ever imagine — imaging centers — and I really fell in love with this concept,” White said.

The business tries to combine a friendly staff with efficient patient care. Instead of having to wait for hours, such as is often the case in emergency rooms, patients are seen quickly. The goal is never having a wait of longer than 30 minutes, White said.

“There’s rarely a wait time [and] you get to see a pediatrician … some of these other adult urgent cares, you’re not always seeing a pediatrician,” White said. “Same thing with pediatric nurses.”

When the clinic first opened last fall, about one patient would come in a day, but it is growing.

“Now we’re consistently having double-digit days,” White said.

Each center has one doctor, nurse, lab technician and receptionist on duty at all times, as well as an on-call doctor and nurse on the weekends. The facilities is the only one of its kind specializing in pediatrics. When parents are searching for pediatric urgent care Keller, Urgent Care for Kids answers just that with a pediatric trained staff on hand and shorter wait times.

Colleyville nurse Angela Ferguson has worked in pediatrics for 15 years. She said she remembers one 6-year-old patient who cut his knee while taking the trash out for the first time. She worked to calm him while he got stitches.

“He was very brave,” Ferguson said. “He was very scared, but he was very brave.”
The Urgent Care for Kids staff treats everything it can, but sometimes when people come in, their problem is a bit too much. If that is the case, the medical director, Gina Fowler, will check with area hospitals to determine where the child can be treated quickly so the parents don’t have to wander from hospital to hospital, White said.

“It’s a dream job,” White said. “It’s a ton of work, but it’s so rewarding. … I can go home thinking, ‘All right, maybe helped some kids,’ or at the very least we saved some families three hours waiting in an emergency room.”

Pediatric urgent care Keller options are limited and the goal of Urgent Care for Kids is to give parents a better alternative to health care when their children need it most.

Urgent Care for Kids, 5611 Colleyville Blvd., Ste. 100, Colleyville, 817-485-6000,www.urgentcarekids.com

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This article was posted on Directory.Leadmaverick.com.


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