Picking the Right Fort Worth Tattoo Removal Method

So you’ve decided to erase a tattoo from your skin, for any of a variety of reasons for tattoo removal you may have. That’s great! But now you have to decide where to have the treatments done, and which Fort Worth Tattoo Removal  method is going to be the best for your particular tattoo.

First, you must look for a facility that removes tattoo, and one of the leading providers of Fort Worth tattoo removal is Unink Tattoo Removal. With three DFW area offices, you can find a location close to you, with a staff dedicated to helping you achieve the results that you are striving for.

Next, after you decide that Unink Fort Worth Tattoo Removal is the right choice for you, they will have a free consultation with you to discuss many aspects of your tattoo in order to decide on a removal process.

  1. The location of your tattoo: this is important, because certain areas of skin will generally take longer to remove than others.
  2. Size of the tattoo: a big deciding factor in the number of treatments is the size of your tattoo. The bigger the area of space the tattoo covers, the more time it will take for both the individual treatments and length of the entire removal process itself.
  3. Age of the tattoo: a newer tattoo will take longer to remove than an older one. Why? Because older tattoos will, over time, absorb some of the ink from the tattoo, making it less work for an older tattoo to be removed.
  4. Color vs. black ink: a multi-colored tattoo will almost always take longer to remove than a plain black ink tattoo. This is due to the fact that certain colors take longer to fade than others, and very dark colors like black will be a color that fades rather quickly in comparison to colors such as light green and yellow.

Also during your consultation at your Fort Worth tattoo removal office, you’ll discuss the method with which the tattoo will be removed. Unink offers two methods: laser tattoo removal, and the R20 Method. Laser tattoo removal is the traditional removal process using a laser, which is more recommended for color tattoos. The R20 Method, on the other hand, is a method that is not a laser, but rather a removal technique that is the newest on the tattoo removal scene. Ask your removal specialist in your consultation about which method will best suit your skin and tattoo.

Finally, once you have chose a location and had your in-depth consultation, you’ll be able to start erasing your tattoo! With all the right tools, you will know approximately how many treatments you’ll be having, and in months, will be tattoo-free!

Check out Unink Fort Worth Tattoo Removal‘s before and after gallery, and testimonial page, to see what other people are saying about the amazing work that they offer! Schedule your free consultation today, and get on the track to tattoo-free skin!

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