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Healthy Habits to Keep Your Kids Away from the Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic East Round Rock

Kids get sick and some kids get sick often. As flu season comes and goes and allergy season picks up, there are many precautions and healthy habits that you can implement to keep your entire family healthy and away from the need to visit Urgent Care for Kids. However, whenever you need us for your kids urgent healthcare needs our friendly staff is ready to treat your children at pediatric urgent care clinic East Round Rock.

Hand Washing

Convincing your children to wash their hands and do it often can be a battle. Why is handwashing important? Kids carry germs all over their hands and can easily spread these or bring them into your house. Washing your hands is the best way to prevent the spread of germs which in turn can help keep your child from getting sick. Unclean hands can lead to the spread of meningitis, hepatitis A and the flu and thus a visit to the newest pediatric urgent care clinic East Round Rock.

Kids Health gives the some simple rules to correct hand washing. They advise to use hand soap for 20 seconds, making sure to get the soap under your nails and in-between your fingers.

Healthy Foods

A great prevention plan for a healthy lifestyle and less visits to Urgent Care for Kids is for children to form habits of healthy eating. Learning what foods help them support body function is essential to forming habits that can be carried into adulthood. Let’s Move gives some great tips for parents to teach children what to eat. You can help your kids learn to eat a variety of foods, without a fight. Serve them a mix of new foods and familiar foods; they may not initially like the new food but after a couple of tries they will become more open to the taste. Also, with a generation of parents who had to “clean their plates” now raising children, it is important to understand that children should be allowed to tell you when they are full.

Daily Physical Activity and Exercise

Exercise is almost as important to your child’s healthy lifestyle as eating healthy. Early exercise habits can stick with your child for life. Family Share says to teach your children by example, if you include them in your exercise routine or plan an exercise outing as a family. Family Share also suggests limiting your child’s use of video games and television, these activities can cause your child to become sedentary.

Keeping your child healthy is important and can help your child ward off sickness. However, situations do come up. Add the newest pediatric urgent care clinic East Round Rock to your list to keep your child healthy.

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