Urgent Care for Keller Kids… And Adults!

If you need urgent care in Keller, the absolute best place to go is Urgent Care for Kids. As the name implies, Urgent Care for Kids is devoted to providing high quality pediatric health care services when your normal pediatrician is unavailable. But even though Urgent Care for Kids was founded because of a lack of urgent pediatric care in the DFW area they are still more than qualified to take care of any other urgent care needs, even for grown ups. So if you and your kid both get sick in the night or get scraped up playing in backyard, Urgent Care for Kids can get help you both.

Conveniently located on Keller Pkwy in Keller, TX, Urgent Care for Kids is about 15 minutes north of I-820 and about 20 minutes west of DFW Airport. Basically, if you live anywhere near Keller, Urgent Care for Kids is the place to go when you’re faced with those terrifying sleepless nights that every parent has to deal with. Whether it a high fever, a nasty cough or a boo-boo that might be more like a minor laceration, Urgent Care for Kids will get you patched up and back in bed.

Perhaps the best thing about having an urgent care center in Keller is that is simply gives you another option. Until now, the choice has been either wait until morning (or worse, until Monday) and hope it doesn’t escalate, OR take you kid to the ER… where you’ll both have to wait for hours with other sick and bleeding people. Urgent Care for Kids is a happy medium. They’ll even put together a full report to take to your regular doctor and send it over when they open up in the morning.

If you have any questions or just want to learn more Urgent Care for Kids–especially if you live in Keller–visit urgentcarekids.com or call 682-593-0191.

(And you should probably go ahead and save that number to your phone!)

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